Slippery Facts On Oil For Brave

EDITOR, The Tribune.

IT really is disturbing when a senior Minister can’t get the facts correct even when he is fudging?

Minister ‘Brave’ Davis - your BP&L ex-BEC bill decreased from 2012 to now by 40%. Untrue... can’t get the facts correct even when politically spinning, Editor.

May, 2012 price per barrel was +- $106-110.00 a barrel.

August 2016 price per barrel was +- $41.00 a barrel.

The PLP Government did absolutely nothing to reduce the price of electricity except wake up in the morning and pretend they were working.

Like all the other political promises in your 188 page Manifesto all lies, promises you knew you could not cause to happen.

We had more blackouts between May 2012 and now than ever before - BP&L were totally caught napping when hurricane Matthew came along, fast fast asleep.

Doc Minnis - solarising Nassau will not work - DNA waste to energy is the same proposal as those fellas put into the PLP and all the fuss with the ILO.

By the way, expect the price of oil to increase in 2017 to approx $70.00 per barrel.



November 18, 2016.


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