Anger At Lack Of ‘Real Govt Plan’ On Murders

Dr Hubert Minnis

Dr Hubert Minnis


Tribune Staff Reporter


FNM Leader Dr Hubert Minnis yesterday lamented the recent spate of murders in the past few days, as he called on the Christie administration to “bring forth a real plan” to address crime.

According to The Tribune’s records, 12 people have been murdered in November, compared to ten in October, and six in September.

Despite a spate of killings over the past few days, murders have trended down compared to 2015, which set a homicide record of 146 homicides.

Up to press time, the murder toll stood at 97 for the year, compared to the 136 recorded up to this point in 2015, according to The Tribune’s records.

This represents a decrease of 29 per cent.

However Dr Minnis, in a statement, said the government has “nothing to celebrate” over its anti-crime initiatives, as he said the country’s crime rate indicates a “failure of leadership” that “falls at the feet of this government that spends more time telling us that we are wrong about the crime waves that are washing through our streets.”

“Leadership is about solving problems, not flashy press conferences trying to ignore them,” Dr Minnis said. “It is time for this government to listen and learn. Follow the lead of our law enforcement community that has been offering solid ideas to address the crime problem.

“Ignoring a problem does not make it go away. In fact, the PLP has proven it only makes it worse. So instead of criticising the ‘We March Bahamas’ marches, the PLP government should heed their calls and take immediate action on this epidemic.

“The people deserve safety and security - it’s a basic necessity. It’s time for the government to finally bring forth a real plan to address the high crime rate in our country and stop talking about the issue only when they think it will benefit them.”

On Monday morning, two men were killed in two separate incidents.

According to police reports, in the first incident, officers responded to calls of a male shot outside an apartment complex in the vicinity of McKinney Drive around midnight on Monday. Once on the scene, officers saw the lifeless body of a man and pronounced him dead.

Hours later, at about 6am, police received reports of a fire near an abandoned vehicle on a service road off Graham Drive in Yellow Elder. Police Fire Services units responded and extinguished the blaze, resulting in the discovery of the lifeless body of a male.

According to Assistant Commissioner of Police Stephen Dean, both matters are being investigated as murders.

On Sunday, a man was found shot dead in the parking lot of the International Bazaar on East Sunrise Highway in Freeport, Grand Bahama. That killing, which marked the 17 murder for that island, came five days after a Freeport Harbour employee, who did not show up for work, was found murdered in his apartment in Freeport.

Based on these incidents, Dr Minnis said he fears the murder count will again surpass those of previous years, which he suggested has become a pattern under this PLP administration.

“The murder rate has hit record highs year after year - over triple digits in each of those years and we are about to hit that dubious distinction again,” he said. “We sincerely hope that there is no further loss of lives and that the Bahamas does not set a new murder record this year.

“Let me make this clear - the PLP government has nothing to celebrate when the murder rate continues to rob so many families of their loved ones. We will not remain silent as sexual predators target women at an alarming rate and when foreign governments continue to issue travel and crime warnings about our country.

“People do not feel safe in their homes, or on the streets and it is adversely impacting business and our way of life. That is a failure of leadership and it falls at the feet of this government that spends more time telling us that we are wrong about the crime waves that are washing through our streets, rather than addressing the issue.”


birdiestrachan 5 years, 1 month ago

"Roc with Doc" has no plans to stop crime. and he knows this. so just mouth on. Now the former police who is now running on a FNM ticket has all the answers. which he did not have while on the force. After his Papa sent him to school paid for by the tax payers he went after the mighty dollar.


John 5 years, 1 month ago

The fact is there have been 22 murders or so since October to now. According to word on the streets many of the killings are gang related. Information is that one faction of a gang is wearing with another. Whether that part about the gang war is true or not, th fact is a number of young men who have been killed are associated with the gang that is said to be at odds with itself. One as young as 16 was posting pictures making the hand signs of a gang and so were several others. So then the focus needs to be on gang activity. Not only an effort to identify and flush out gang leaders, but to discourage young men from joint gangs or even getting caught up in the crossfire of gang warfare. It's a pity that after experiencing one of the most peaceful summers and even a month without any killings, the year should end with so much bloodshed.


Greentea 5 years, 1 month ago

What's your plan? Let us know what you thinking because people are dying and people tired of the stream of death. Wait-Don't tell me- you keeping your plan underwraps until election- Did I mention that people dying? SICK and TIRED of political gamesmanship. This is pure BS. FNM- He GATTA go. Take away his mouth like them Republicans need to take away Trump phone and twitter account. The present government has FAILED on crime and this dude want to become leader as a flickin conselation prize to incompetence just to deliver more of the same ole sheet. NO.


Voltaire 5 years, 1 month ago

birdie - das true you are really Lady Russell? Someone suggested as much on the comments below another story.


Alex_Charles 5 years, 1 month ago

But... what is Minnis' plan? We KNOW this administration is completely inept and paralyzed in the fight against crime. Now is Minnis' chance to show his party's policy on the issue. Give us a bloody alternative for fuck sake. Instead of pointing out painfully obvious problems how about becoming more solutions oriented?

Otherwise, Minnis is going to be sitting on the minority side of the house again. But considering his contracts and dealings with the PHA, I suppose he wouldn't care either way. I wish I had $7,000 a month coming in from the government renting my building.


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