Stop The Flying Circus

EDITOR, The Tribune,

IS MATTHEW already becoming a potential “political gainer”?

Politicians flying here and there, with camera crews in tow and more Right Honourables than one can imagine, does not resolve a lot of the primary issues.

Yes, a political leader must look after those injured, but let’s see action in materials arriving, restitution occurring and promises of utility companies completed. If the Prime Minister does not know the repairs from the damage from last year’s Joaquin still has not been completed, God help the victims of Matthew.

BPL clearly are not operating like what we are used to and I agree with the comment of Leslie Miller, past executive chairman of BEC. Where are the crews?

To my knowledge evey year on June 1, the hurricane season starts and continues through to November. October 4, with a major storm coming, is no time to be cutting trees. We all saw and heard PWD were outside the Prime Minister’s residence on Tuesday, October 4, trimming trees - give me a break. I suspect most of the problems in bringing power to those areas remaining after a week is downed power lines, broken poles with damage from fallen trees and a lot of vegetation all over the transmission lines.

If BPL had been doing the correct maintenance this would not have occurred. Further, why, across the island, do we see large trees growing unter the transmission lines? Engage private contractors and cut them all down.

BPL must give those without power an estimate when the power will be turned on. If it is the worst, please tell them: they have a right to know so that they can plan their lives.

Cable Bahamas: again their public perception in Matthew is not very good. Do not ask their customers to call in to report where their system is out - has Mr David Burrows ever called Cable Bahamas Customer Service line? That is a wait of no less than 10 plus minutes and guess who is paying for the cell minutes ... not Cable Bahamas! Surely your computers should tell your customers that 1-2-3 is off-line or on?

Let’s stop the “flying circus” and see real action on the ground, touching people who are damaged, feel disowned, uncertain of their future as they have lost so much, in some cases ... all!



October 12, 2016


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