Lawyer Absent For Hearing On Raid On Deputy Pm’S Home Face Court


Tribune Staff Reporter


TWO remaining defendants awaiting trial in connection with the robbery of Deputy Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis’ home nearly three years ago appeared in Supreme Court for a status hearing on their case yesterday.

However, Tyrone Knowles, 25, and Marc McCartney, 21, will have to return to court on October 26 as their lawyer Geoffrey Farquharson was absent for the 1pm hearing.

Senior Justice Watkins enquired of the accused if they had been able to contact their lawyer. Both said no.

Crown prosecutor Patrick Sweeting also said he had not received any message from Mr Farquharson.

“If he’s not here, he would call,” the judge said. Mr Sweeting agreed.

The judge told the accused that October 26 would be their last opportunity for a status hearing to resolve any outstanding matters before their December 5 trial date.

The court will not be sitting during November.

The pair are accused of robbing Mr Davis of jewellery worth $93,000, a jewellery box worth $200, Baraka gold jewellery worth $700, an opal top wallet worth $450, a Royal Bank of Canada credit card and a driver’s licence worth $15.

They are also accused of robbing Mr Davis’ wife, Ann Marie, of $2,953, and Wilberforce Seymour of $10. Mr Davis was Acting Prime Minister at the time of the incident as Prime Minister Perry Christie was out of the country.

A third accused, 25-year-old Jeffrey King, was to stand trial with Knowles and McCartney. However, last month, he was killed in a shootout with police in Yellow Elder Gardens. He was on bail at the time.

McCartney is on bail while Knowles is on remand at the Department of Correctional Services.

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