Site For Rented Engines Not Prepared As Power Generation Issues Continue


Tribune Staff Reporter


NEARLY one month after the first set of rental generators secured for Bahamas Power and Light arrived in the country, Bahamas Electrical Workers Union President Paul Maynard said the site for the engines has not been prepared and the generators will “probably not be installed for another couple weeks.”

Speaking to The Tribune after a weekend of load shedding, Mr Maynard said two major engines, one at Clifton Pier and one at the Blue Hills plant, failed on Saturday and Sunday, leading to a weekend of power outages that are expected to continue for the next few days.

In July, BPL CEO Pamela Hill acknowledged that power cuts this year have been more frequent than last year, but said BPL should have had the rental generators by the end of the summer to help with reliability.

Mr Maynard said there is “no excuse” for the generators being ordered late but said “in all fairness” this government is trying to bring an end to the power issues on the island.

“The generators have not been installed, they are just getting the site prepared, which should have been done a long time ago,” Mr Maynard said.

“The problem this weekend was twofold, first the engine at Blue Hills keeps shutting off because it thinks that it is running out of fuel, but it is not.”

“The crew has been working all weekend to try and narrow down what the problem is because that is 30 megawatts of power that we are not using. Believe me, we are just as frustrated and fed up with the power outages, especially since the rentals have been sitting there for weeks and are not installed.

“They should have been ordered from December, that is 40 megawatts of power that we need. Then the Clifton Pier plant that engine just keeps shutting down because it is just old. There is nothing we can do there. There are no excuses for this, this is ridiculous but in all fairness this government seems to be the only ones trying to do something.”

Over the weekend, customers across New Providence experienced three to four hour power cuts in some instances as BPL continues to struggle with generation issues.

BPL updated customers about the power cuts on its Facebook page but that did little to ease the frustration of the outages in 90-degree heat.

One person wrote on Facebook: “Hot inside. Zika outside. Thank you for ruining the start of a much-needed weekend. I wonder who will take responsibility for the sick and infirm who are forced to swelter in this heat? Do better. It’s 2016.”

Another customer wrote: “This foolishness and schools are reopening. Traffic lights will be affected, children will be affected by hot classrooms which will gravely create an impact and give them more of an excuse to be agitated. Businesses are still suffering thanks to BPL. Yet they provide no relief on those bills at the end of every month! They are holding us hostage and we should return the favour. United we stand for something, divided, we fall for anything. Bet those executives have power though.”

This summer, residents have endured frequent blackouts and power cuts as BPL struggled to provide adequate electricity.

This comes months after American company PowerSecure was contracted to take over management at the government-owned utility provider. The new management deal was touted by the government as being the answer to sub-par electricity service and high electricity bills.


alfalfa 2 years, 9 months ago

BPl is no different than BEC. Whose oversight was it that the generators were not ordered in time? The PM, Leslie Miller, Brave Davis, or Pamela Hill. Each one will point the finger at the other. They told us the generators would be late, but in the meantime did nothing to prepare for their installation when they arrived. They are here now and are useless. Just as all of the above are, who played a part in this fiasco. Paul Maynard and his union, of course, have no blame, but will probably be lobbying for a strike/salary increase before Christmas, which is my estimated time that they will have the backups up and running. What a useless organization. No planning for summer demand, no planning to upgrade to more eco-friendly energy supplies, just excuses. Government please note, the electorate is sick and tired of this, while you and your cohorts live in generated/solar powered homes, at our expense, we are made to suffer. Election is just around the corner.


BoopaDoop 2 years, 9 months ago

wtf This is fricking ridiculous. During the 3-month period waiting for these rentals to arrive, the site should have been prepared.


sealice 2 years, 9 months ago

WHOA .... Shocker.... THE PLP and it's Affiliates aren't prepared


ThisIsOurs 2 years, 9 months ago

“They should have been ordered from December"

No one noticed that in June?


Required 2 years, 9 months ago

So... they'll be operational in time for the first cold front?


Sickened 2 years, 9 months ago

These new managers should be fired for this incompetence. They are supposed to be professionals and can't even plan for a f'in generator pad. ROLL OUT!!!


Greentea 2 years, 9 months ago

Incompetence is the correct word. Incompetent with no shame or consequences. The impact of BEC/BPL on the country's economy has been catastrophic over the past 40 years- lost income and subsequent loss of jobs, burned out wires and appliances etc. Just imagine if Bahamar had come on stream. They haven't prepared for that huge hog of electrical resources either and they have had the time to do so. If you think its bad now wait until that monster has to be fully powered,


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