The Lights Keep On Going Out

EDITOR, The Tribune

BEC or what’s that new name ... BP&L ... are they able to guarantee consumers in Nassau electricity?

It is very evident with the ongoing rotation of shedding the public is yet again in the dark in more than one way as to the state of health of the generation plant of BP&L.

We paid PowerSecure a whopping $890,000 for a business plan which government endorsed and adopted. We saw days after PowerSecure was in charge their proposal to immediately increase the unit rates, which Cabinet shot down although obviously they had agreed and adopted the PowerSecure business plan.

So do we all go out and buy expensive standby generators so we can remain living in a reasonable state of comfort or will only the Ministers and MPs be afforded that?

Rotating shedding with no explanation is unacceptable. We heard the Minister a few months ago proclaim in Parliament as if government had anything to do with it that the rates came down - dah, Minister, you didn’t hear the global oil market dropped appreciably so the cost of fuel went down?

Spin, spin and more spin with the lights off - everyone sweating, children getting more and more annoyed ... but do the politicians care?

Minister, tell the truth at least once: are the generators at Clifton and Blue Hills in the Intensive Care Unit and could collapse at any moment leaving us totally back to candle-power?

Be a man, Minister: we are tired of mistruths, spin. We want to hear the truth, Remember what that is Minister? Just stop lying - remember what your mother told you about that?



September 6, 2016.


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