Naughty’S Predictions For The Nfc: If Not My Cowboys Then The Panthers Will Pounce


1 Carolina Panthers

(NFC South Winner)

2 Arizona Cardinals

(NFC West Winner)

3 Green Bay Packers

(NFC North Winner)

4 Dallas Cowboys

(NFC East Winner)


5 Seattle Seahawks

6 Minnesota Vikings


New England Patriots v

Dallas Cowboys

Winner ... really?

Dallas Cowboys

(purely with my heart)

So then:

New England Patriots v

Carolina Panthers

Winner: Carolina



Dallas Cowboys

Dak to the future in Big D.

I know it sounds crazy but I have this funky feeling not one but two rookies lead the Cowboys back to the playoffs.

Rookie QB Dak Prescott and super talented rookie RB Ezikiel Elliott give the Cowboys a new dynamic. Add in WR Dez Bryant, a beast in his own right, veteran TE Jason Witten and the best offensive line in the NFL ... and the Cowboys ride through the stormy, mediocre NFC East.

10-6, NFC East Champions.

New York Giants

$200m spent on defence, $19.95 on the offensive line and RB?!

8-8, out of the playoffs.

Washington Redskins

First place schedule this season proves last year was a fluke!

8-8, out of the playoffs.

Philadelphia Eagles

New coach, a rookie QB with skills in Carson Wentz, but not the complimentary pieces Dak has in Dallas.

6-10, out of the playoffs, eyes on the draft.


Green Bay Packers

A healthy Arron Rodgers, an in shape Eddie Lacy and a returning healthy Jordy Nelson. Need I say more?

11-5, NFC North Champions.

Minnesota Vikings

With the injury to starting QB Teddy Bridgewater, the Vikings strong defence will keep the Vikings in the game, AP will run and the Vikings will win lots of ugly games.

A win is a win though.

10-6, NFC wildcard contender.

Chicago Bears

Erratic Jay Cutler, often injured star receiver Alshon Jeffery and question marks in the backfield.

Not to mention a suspect defence!

7-9, out of the playoffs.

Detroit Lions

The Lions get better and more competitive on offence post-Calvin Johnson surprisingly. The defence still needs work.

7-9, out of the playoffs.


Carolina Panthers

Cam and the boys go for two straight NFC Championships.

Cam will be Cam, the defence will be lights out. No more hidden sleeping giant in Carolina.

12-4, NFC South Champions.

Atlanta Falcons, New Orleans Saints and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

One big crap shoot in this one! All 8-8, and out of the playoffs.


Arizona Cardinals

Balanced offensively and decisively and poised to make a run.

Only competition in the division is Seattle and it will be fun watching them match up!

11-5, NFC West Champions.

Seattle Seahawks

A very close second to the Cards in the division, a monster outside of it in the NFC.

Great offensively and defensively in their own right just a victim of the division records.

11-5, NFC wildcard.

Los Angeles Rams

Big move to the west coast, new QB, all pro RB, solid defence and same old middle of the pack results!

8-8, out of the playoffs and Head Coach Jeff Fisher out of a job.

San Francisco 49ers

Head Coach Chip Kelly, Blaine Gabbertt starting at QB, Kaepernick having a seat!

Great reality show in the works, a pure comedy of errors waiting to unfold.

6-10, out of the playoffs.


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