Roberts Denies Yellow Elder Constituency Talks - But Keod Smith Aims For Seat

PLP Chairman Bradley Roberts.

PLP Chairman Bradley Roberts.


Tribune Staff Reporter


PROGRESSIVE Liberal Party (PLP) Chairman Bradley Roberts yesterday denied reports that the party has had internal discussions about the establishment of a Yellow Elder constituency and the possibility of former Mount Moriah MP Keod Smith as the standard-bearer in the area.

Mr Roberts said that while the PLP has “been busy” forming its candidate team for the upcoming general election, party officials have not ventured to discuss options for any constituency that has not been formed or confirmed by the Parliamentary Constituencies Commission.

Mr Roberts added that public posturing by any candidate for such an area is being carried out of pure speculation and personal merit.

“(Mr Smith) has applied to our Candidates Committee to be a candidate, but that is where that is at. He hasn’t received a nomination to this point and all of his efforts remain just that - his efforts,” Mr Roberts said.

He further claimed that flyers depicting the image of Mr Smith and a campaign slogan stating that he is vying for a Yellow Elder seat could be old campaign paraphernalia or simple actions by a man testing the waters.

His comments came in the wake of speculation that Mr Smith, an attorney, is in discussions to run for the new seat, and the appearance of several flyers bearing his image and the slogan “Dare to be different in order to make a difference.”

Attempts by The Tribune to contact Mr Smith for clarification on the flyer and his political future were unsuccessful.

In recent months, a number of political hopefuls have launched bids for un-established constituencies, in hopes that the areas are formed and to spur interest from political organisations.

Last month, former Exuma MP George Smith started a campaign urging the Constituencies Commission to consider a second seat in Exuma.

Mr Smith has contended if such a move were made, he would be the ideal candidate to contest that new seat for his party.

Deputy Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis, Education Minister Jerome Fitzgerald, and Free National Movement Deputy Leader Peter Turnquest have been appointed to the commission, which is being chaired by House Speaker Dr Kendal Major and Senior Supreme Court Justice Stephen Isaacs.

According to a source, the commission has not yet met and therefore has not submitted any formal recommendations to the House of Assembly on the formation of any new constituencies.


Space 5 years, 3 months ago

Is this... is this a joke???


sheeprunner12 5 years, 3 months ago

If anyone should run in Yellow Elder ............... it should be Arnold Forbes ......... or is Keod Smith the leader of one of Yellow Elder gangs????????


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