Roberts: Peet A ‘Political Enemy’ For Andros Bid

PLP Chairman Bradley Roberts.

PLP Chairman Bradley Roberts.


Vincent Peet

PROGRESSIVE Liberal Party Chairman Bradley Roberts lashed out at his former party colleague Vincent Peet last night, accusing the former North Andros and Berry Islands MP of being a “political enemy” who mounted an independent campaign because he was denied a nomination from the governing party.

Speaking to PLP supporters at a rally in North Andros last night, Mr Roberts said “this is war” as he urged the crowd to vote for incumbent Dr Perry Gomez, adding that a vote for Mr Peet is a vote for the Free National Movement.

“Our commitment to you North Andros remains unquestioned,” Mr Roberts said. “Each step of the way, your MP Dr Gomez has superintended these developments in your best interest.

“Our foundation is strong and firm and must move forward together because our work is not done, North Andros. We must not turn back the clock on Andros with the FNM who has no track record in North Andros.

“This brings me to the Vincent Peet factor. Let me be perfectly clear and frank. The role of the party is to assemble a group of leaders and a political machinery capable of forming a government through the democratic process.

“That said, I am here as the national chairman with responsibility for the party’s operations to circle the wagon and to aggressively close political ranks.

“Vincent Peet applied for the PLP nomination, but was rejected for the same reason Peet stood down in 2012. So Peet sought the nomination, but was rejected,” Mr Roberts continued.

He said the PLP has “intelligence” that suggests the FNM is counting on Mr Peet to split the PLP’s votes.

“We are reliably informed that FNMs are saying that if Peet can syphon 100 votes from the PLP, then (FNM candidate Carlton) Bowleg can walk into Parliament without breaking (a) sweat. Well we know the devil was always a liar.

“Let the word go out far and wide and let it be known in Lowe Sound, Morgan’s Bluff, Nicholl’s Town, Conch Sound, Mastic Point, Stafford and Staniard Creeks that a vote for Vincent Peet is a vote for the FNM.

“There can be no backing away from this. This is war fellow PLPs. Vincent Peet your political enemy and cannot support your enemy. His political plot against the party that gave him political life and a national platform for many years is nothing short of treachery. He is clearly an interloper with your perennial enemy, the FNM.

“With hard work, an abiding faith and God’s help, North Andros will be in the winning column on May 10 and Dr Gomez will be returned to Parliament.

“On Election Day, vote PLP for Dr Perry Gomez.”

Earlier this month, Mr Peet announced his plans to run as an Independent, saying residents have urged him to return to politics.

At the time, he challenged incumbent Dr Gomez, who, he said, was given time to “find his footing,” but area residents feel that they have no representation.

Mr Peet represented the area from 2002-2012, but did not run in the last election after a controversy occurred involving $180,000 in client funds.

In spite of his decision to run against his party, Mr Peet expressed his longstanding loyalty to the PLP earlier this month.


Sickened 4 years, 9 months ago

I've never seen the PLP so scared of an election. IT OVER!!!! Law and order will replace corruption!!!!


Socrates 4 years, 9 months ago

boy Peet is finding out the hard way that in politics you have no friends.. its every man for himself...


avidreader 4 years, 9 months ago

If the PLP is so sure of its popularity why should the party fear the appearance of Vincent Peet in the arena? This campaign is looking more and more like 1992 and the PLP is well aware of what that means.


sheeprunner12 4 years, 9 months ago

Sooooooooo, Peet was not nominated because he had a stash of cash in his closet????? ............ But Ole Gomez is the walking dead .............. Vote FNM !!!!!!!!


sealice 4 years, 9 months ago

all FNM's are the ENEMY and must DIE... but i believe in Bahamians.....


bahamiangoddedd 4 years, 9 months ago

I am Happy Mr. Peet is running. As a North Androsian, say what you want about Peet but Gomez can't drag his old slippers when it comes to looking after North Andros. Peet will cause the PLP this seat unless they spend some long dollars to buy Andros. Send the money, after that Salami people could use the cash. Crab on former Crab crime!


alfalfa 4 years, 9 months ago

I can't imagine having to watch Gomez sleep in the House of Assembly for the next five years. He is embarrassing, so for Gods sake vote him out.


sheeprunner12 4 years, 9 months ago

I agree ........... Perry Gomez is so old and tired that Christie did not even put him in charge of NHI ......... that should have been his calling card to retire


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