Three Dead, One Wounded After Weekend Shootings

The body of a man shot and killed through a dirt road off Knowles Drive, near Tonique Williams Darling Highway on Saturday. Photo: Terrel W. Carey/Tribune Staff

The body of a man shot and killed through a dirt road off Knowles Drive, near Tonique Williams Darling Highway on Saturday. Photo: Terrel W. Carey/Tribune Staff


Tribune Staff Reporter


THREE men are dead and another man is fighting for his life in hospital after three separate shooting incidents in the capital over the weekend.

The shooting deaths push the country’s homicide count to 48 for the year, according to The Tribune’s records.

Police arrested three men in connection with one of the homicides, who they say are “responsible for several murders and armed robberies.”

The latest killing took place shortly after 10pm on Saturday and marked the fourth murder in New Providence since Thursday.

According to reports, police received information that a man was shot in front a home on Knowles Drive, off Tonique Williams Darling Highway.

When officers arrived on the scene, they found the lifeless body of a man lying on the ground. The victim had been shot several times. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

The second homicide took place shortly after 10pm on Friday off Augusta Street.

According to reports, a man was driving his vehicle in the area of Bola Alley and Augusta Street, when two men armed with handguns approached his vehicle and fired several shots at him before fleeing the area on foot.

The victim was pronounced dead at the scene.

A few hours earlier, shortly after 4pm police were on the scene of another homicide, this time in the Market Street area.

Police said a group of men were standing in front of a car wash on Market Street near Palm Tree Avenue, when the occupants of a dark coloured vehicle pulled up and fired several shots at them before speeding off. Two of the men were shot and taken to hospital. One of the men died shortly after his arrival and the other is listed in serious condition.

Officers chased the suspects into the Ridgeland Park area, where the three men fled on foot from the getaway vehicle.

Officers chased the men once again and caught the three suspects near a bushy area. Police discovered a tech 9 automatic firearm and a .40 pistol along with several rounds of ammunition on the men.

Police believe the three suspects are responsible for several homicides and armed robberies.

Last Thursday a minibus driver was shot in the downtown area of Nassau after being chased by his killers, police said. The man, identified by friends as Hans Neely, was a transportation supervisor at Stuart Cove’s and was driving a bus while being chased. When he reached arrived in the downtown area around 7am, the suspects pulled in front of him and fired shots at him, police said. The shooting occurred at East Street north, near Prince George Wharf, an area that is usually populated by tourists, cruise ship passengers and downtown shoppers.

Police have no motive for any of the homicides. Anyone with information on any of these homicides is asked to contact police at 911 or 919, the Central Detective Unit at 502-9991 or Crime Stoppers anonymously at 328-TIPS.

Investigations continue.


John 2 years, 2 months ago

Arkansas has executed another two inmates found guilty of murder as it rushes to beat the deadline when it's drugs used to carry out death by lethal injection expires. Both inmates were executed for murders that were committed more than 20 years ago. The state still hopes to execute another 5 inmates before the end of the week when the lethal injection drugs expire. This is despite increasing local protests and the raising of eyebrows by human rights organizations around the world. Many believe it is inhumane to carry out the death penalty after an inmate has sat on death row for so long. Here in the Bahamas the death penalty hasn't been carried out for many years. Persons sentenced to death have their sentences converted to life imprisonment after serving a number of years on death row. This leaves the country in a precarious position when it comes to combating the crime of murder. In fact the murder rate appears to be increasing and the country seems likely to set another record for murders this year. The most common victims of murders are young males under 25 years of age and many are concerned as to how long the country can continue to lose hundreds on young men who are in the prime of their productive and reproductive years. While many feel that the death penalty is not a deterrent to murder, something definitely has to be done to stem the tide of killings, many execution style. Without trying to make murder a political football many Bahamians believe that with over 650 murders already committed under their first term, murders will continue unabated under a second term of the PLP. Unless clear, swift and decisive action is taken and unless any government comes in and gets to the root causes of murders, the killings will continue. Until then mothers will continue to weep over their young sons as police or undertakers scoop up their murdered bodies. And the country will continue to bury its future potential with every murder victim, regardless of the type of life he lived. To attempt to justify murder in any way shape or form is to give another person a license to kill!


TigerB 2 years, 2 months ago

We had our last one in 2000, here is what they do in the United States since 1976. Maybe we just scared like Leslie Miller said. 1. Texas 527 2. Georgia 57 3. New York 0 4. California 13 5. North Carolina 43 6. Florida 251
7. Ohio 224 8. South Carolina 43 9. Virginia 110


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