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Carol D Minnis


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WITH 15 years of experience as an educator under her belt, Carol D Minnis has worked tirelessly to implement programmes to help students realise their full potential.

Now, with her latest venture she aims to offer students something she believes is a first for the Bahamas - comprehensive workbooks that take the guesswork out of progressing through the different stages of education.

The three books, which make use of her experience working as a guidance counsellor, are: "Transitioning into Primary School", "Transitioning into Junior High School" and "Transitioning into Senior High School".

It is her belief that these interactive workbooks will alleviate the concerns of both parent and child as they go through the education process. At the beginning of each chapter there is a bonding exercise for the parent to complete with the child. And counsellors and teachers will also appreciate the content of the books, she said, as it will assist with counselling sessions and make them more lively and provocative.

"I am a first time-author. I am relieved to have completed this project. I started writing the books in January 2013 while posted at CV Bethel Senior High School, serving as guidance coordinator with responsibilities for running the department, and the counsellor for the 12th grade of almost 500 students. While balancing my responsibilities at CV Bethel Senior High School, I worked on the books at night after I got home, but I got burned out due to the demands of my job and family life," she told Tribune Woman.

Shortly after her mother's death in November 2016, Carol was inspired to complete the books as a form of therapy to deal with her grief.

The first book, "Transitioning into Primary School", illustrates how a focused primary school student can obtain excellent grades on exams like the GLAT. It further aims to help create a more disciplined and well-mannered student who will know how to interact with his/her peers and the wider community.

"This book takes the guesswork out of what is essential to a student entering primary school. The student will learn how to maximise his/her time and be a well-rounded student. The book encourages participation in positive extracurricular activities while equipping them with tools to maintain excellent grades. This book will provide students with the necessary skills to survive Primary School successfully," she said.

Carol approached Sharmaine Forbes, the counsellor at Woodcock Primary School, for assistance and asked to use her students for the book. Sharmaine embraced the opportunity immediately.

"After reviewing the book, I am even more convinced of the need for this book in the primary schools. The book in its entirety is ideal for the student, parent and guidance counsellor," said Sharmaine.

"As a counsellor working with students in what is known as the 'inner city', this book will indeed level the playing field for all students as it seeks to educate students throughout the Bahamas on their need to do well to better themselves."

Meanwhile, the second book, "Transitioning into Junior High School" book covers topics such as "The Journey Begins", "Anger Management", "Parental Involvement", and "The Proper Use of the Internet and Electronic Devices."

" 'Transitioning into Junior High School' encourages students in junior high school to apply themselves to their studies and develop a passion for learning. This book takes the speculation out of what is required from a student entering junior high school. In junior high school, many students become complacent; they lack motivation and determination to achieve. They have been in the same primary school for six years with the same teachers and friends in contained classes. In junior high school they will take many new classes, meet new friends and teachers, and are required to be more independent," said Carol.

The third book in the series, "Transitioning into Senior High School" follows the student as they focus on which classes to take that will enable them to meet graduation requirements and make a smooth transition to tertiary education, technical/vocational college or the world of work.

"There are no Bahamian based books available to students that are as detailed as transitioning into senior high School," said Carol.

"The student will learn how to maximise his/her time and be a well-rounded person. The book encourages participation in positive extracurricular activities while equipping them with tools to maintain excellent grades."

The books will be available for purchase this month and will be sold at Joseph's Bookstore, #53 Soldier Road, and Nassau Stationers in Palmdale.


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