Man Shot Dead Outside Of Nightclub

Police are searching for several suspects after a man was shot dead in the early hours of Monday morning.

According to reports, shortly after 1.30am, a male was involved in an altercation with several other males outside a nightclub located on Cowpen Road that led to him being shot. The victim was pronounced dead on the scene.

• Police are also looking for two suspects responsible for a shooting and armed robbery that left a man detained in hospital on Sunday.

According to reports, shortly before 4.00pm, two men were making a transaction over the sale of a vehicle driving off Frank Watson Highway, when two men armed with handguns emerged from nearby bushes, robbed one of them of a large amount of cash, and shot the other man before fleeing on foot. The injured man was transported to hospital where he is detained in stable condition.


SP 2 years ago

Decriminalize marijuana, purge Fox Hill Prison of prisoners incarcerated for minor drug offenses to make space for hard core criminals and get these ankle bracelet monsters off the streets.

Alternatively, keep things as they are, and sit back and watch a handful of these animals continue to destroy our reputation as a resort destination and let our tourism business die a slow and painful death.

What other choices do we have?


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