Selective Outrage

EDITOR, The Tribune.

CLASSISM is alive and well in The Bahamas!

This display of outrage by certain sectors of society only after well connected members of the political class are hauled before the courts is sickening!

Classism is alive and well in The Bahamas!

Countless young men (and women) have been paraded before the courts (many innocent) no differently from the recent former politicians for decades...

Where were the religious leaders?

Where were the threats of lawsuits and policy change?

Where were the Facebook advocates for humane and fair treatment?

Where were the calls for protests?

Where was the outcry?

Oh wait... Those were just “average Bahamians”... They don’t count. Ain’t nobody on their run.

I mussie forget this country was set up by the elite for the elite. And as usual the rest of us “non-elites” play right into it not realizing that it is US that perpetuate this vicious cycle that only benefit a small group while the rest suffer.

Let’s cry for all Bahamians mistreated by the justice system... Not just three! Let’s protest for all Bahamians to be treated humanely and fairly until proven guilty... Not just three!

All Bahamian lives matter.



August 9, 2017


CatIslandBoy 10 months, 1 week ago

This letter is right on. I so much agree. Where is the outrage when countless young men are hauled before the courts handcuffed, shackled, bruised, and beaten?


Greentea 10 months, 1 week ago

Easy points to make by another talking head- who says the right thing but fails to DO the right thing.


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