Loose Lips Scare Investors

EDITOR, The Tribune.

IF the daily dose of Talk Shows continue as they splurt out daily inaccuracies I suggest the station owners should seriously consider cutting all.

The Show Producers have to know when they must press the button and stop the constant flow of inaccuracies.

Yesterday morning the issue of the Albany comment of their GM came up the host instead of taking his usual extremely cautious position took what was being fed to him without qualification. Did the GM at Albany say what the host alleges he said?

I heard the News that night after the Cabinet visited and my ears did not hear what this host stated and allowed his callers to masticate thereafter.

The irrational callers saying: well if they said that then Albany needs to be closed down - there are hundreds of investors waiting over the bar! Remember the late Sir Kendal Isaacs saying similar words and we are still waiting for those persons to put a single dime in investment.

Listen carefully to what the GM. Albany said or certainly implied - Prime Minister in the immediate past with the previous Government (the Christie Government) we have enjoyed a non involvement position which has played to the success of Albany - we hope this atmosphere will continue to the betterment of all. Not word-to-word but paraphrasing. Different to what the Host said and allowed from his callers to say.

Let’s be horribly careful not to run-off all potential investors! Loose words hurt.



August 15, 2017.


birdiestrachan 2 years, 10 months ago

The print media had that line also. about the investor. They feel he disrespected roc wit doc. allow them to go ahead. and do what ever they see fit it is the peoples time. putting more people out of work no problem . they will all be fine with that.

Why is doc all over the place for Kodak moment any how. He may have nothing to do. but other people do.


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