Mp Inspects Schools Ahead Of Start Of The New Term


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PINERIDGE MP Rev Frederick McAlpine visited all of the public schools in his constituency to inspect the progress of school repairs ahead of the new school year.

There are five schools in the Pineridge constituency and contractors are on site at those schools to carry out the scope of works.

Rev McAlpine is confident that the schools will be ready in time for the opening of the new school year.

During his visit, he said he was happy about the work that has been done, but that the schools’ lawns required some manicuring.

“Today as I am taking a view of the schools they are not fully manicured. I will take into account that my government is so responsible enough to know it would be properly manicured and that the grass is cut before school begins,” Rev McAlpine said.

He thought that all MPs should visit the respective schools in their constituencies to ensure that they are properly repaired.

“As the MP, I am taking the initiative in doing it for myself; no one is going to call me and say this was not done. I see for myself, and I think that is what every MP should be doing,” he said.

The Pineridge MP was also pleased that contracts for school repairs were awarded to both young and veteran contractors.

“I am happy we have been able to strike a balance; we had contractors very young, and some contractors settled,” he told ZNS. “Oftentimes, people say we need to get rid of all the old folks and bring in the young. No, we need youth, and we need experience, and that strikes a balance.”

Young contractor Franco Miller, of Freeport Construction, was pleased that he was given a chance and awarded the contracts for Hugh Campbell Primary, Jack Hayward High, and the Beacon School.

According to Mr Miller, school repairs are about 95 per cent completed at the schools.

He said: “Hugh Campbell was more difficult because there were roofing repairs needed, tiling, cabinetry work, repairs to doors, locks, and a lot of painting. We also did a lot of extra work because we saw the school needed it.”

“I think it is good they give us a chance to prove we can do the work, it feels good,” he said.


ThisIsOurs 2 years, 3 months ago

Why has this become a "thing". Anyone ever see Obama inspecting schools? This is someone's job, if you find the schools are constantly below par and behind schedule, change the person whose job it is and get a qualified responsible inspector to lead, change your contractors to people who deliver results. These MPs are constantly doing meaningless drivel rather than the real work they were hired to do.

What's the issue with the schools anyway? Why are they so broken up every year? Is it intentional damage or neglect?


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