Man Cries In Court After Being Given Two Year Sentence


Tribune Staff Reporter


A 23-year-old man broke down and cried in a Magistrate's Court just moments before being sentenced to two years at the Bahamas Department of Correctional Services in connection with nearly a dozen charges ranging from threats of death to assaulting a police officer.

The tearful display came after Gabriel St Remy, of Butler's Way, was questioned by Magistrate Subusola Swain about accusations that he stole some $3,375 worth of items – ranging from a refrigerator to a broom — after breaking into a woman's Marshall Road home on August 11.

Before handing down the sentences, Magistrate Swain asked St Remy why he should not be locked away at the BDCS for a long time.

St Remy, who had pleaded guilty to all of the nine charges, tearfully told the judge he was homeless and had nowhere to stay. St Remy also said he did what he did primarily to secure school items for his daughter, who is preparing to start her education at primary school.

St Remy said he feels like he continues to get the “(expletive) end of the stick.”

However, Magistrate Swain sentenced him to two years each for the one count of housebreaking and one count of stealing. The sentences are to run concurrently. However, she disregarded the tenth count of receiving.

St Remy was also arraigned on two counts of threats of death, one count of assaulting a police officer, one count of resisting arrest, one count of disorderly conduct in a police station, and one count of disorderly behaviour.

As to the first count of threats of death, it was alleged that on August 21, St Remy threatened PC 3369 Wilson with death. For the second count of threats of death, St Remy threatened Sgt 2632 Bauld with death.

St Remy was also accused of assaulting Sgt 2632 Bauld on August 21 while he was seeking to execute his duties, and was also accused of resisting the lawful arrest by Sgt 2632 Bauld that same day.

St Remy was sentenced to three months each for the two counts of threats of death, one count of assaulting a police officer and one count of resisting arrest, and 30 days each for disorderly conduct in a police station, disorderly behaviour, and obscene language.

Those sentences are to run concurrently with his original two-year sentence.

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