First Class Or People’S Class?

EDITOR, The Tribune.

So are the Ministers of The People’s Government travelling ‘People’s Class’ or ‘First Class’?

Delegation of PM-Ministers for Foreign Affairs and Education off almost immediately after May 10th to CARICOM Heads meeting - what class did they fly?

Minister of Foreign Affairs soon after was known to take two other trips, what class did he fly?

Minister of Transport to London for IMO meeting with the Deputy Speaker what class did they fly? Still can’t fathom out why the Deputy Speaker went to an IMO/Maritime meeting?

Now Minister of travel- Minister of Youth and ..... London for IAAF7 now off to deepest Africa for Commonwealth Youth Ministers –Prime Minister it was from your lips you said your Ministers will stop wasting travel money - we ‘The People’ want a full report .... now, not in two-three months.

Whilst you are having audits there are two particular CHOGM trips of the past Prime Minister and entourage-delegation the cost of which has never been reported - please find the accounts and publish them. We want to know how they wasted the people’s money, hundreds of thousands, I fear.

You see, we don’t believe what they say it is as simple as that...a Prime Minister, a Minister fly ‘People’s Class’ - you will never see it!



August 19, 2017.


birdiestrachan 1 year, 11 months ago

Roc wit doc is a stranger to the truth. He will say anything if he thinks it will make him look good more to come stay tuned.


ThisIsOurs 1 year, 11 months ago

Nothing's changed W Thonpson. Very disconcerting but nothing's changed. And yes I've no doubt that had the PLP gotten back in it would have been worse. This administration is focused on selling a tall tale of tings different, but under the surface....nothingness. No FOIA after five months...is that the change FNMs voted for? It's probably the easiest thing they could have done...but nothing.

I urge FNM's to watch what they do rather than what they say. Stringing out and parading former MPs to court once per month for the enjoyment of the crowd, and to feed the Bahamian appetite for gossip and the dramatic is practically meaningless. I'm interested in the qualifications and experience of the man to be chosen as Financial Secretary. Will he be hired to run marketing campaigns to make things "look" good? Or will we get a real economic expert who willget to the serious work of turning the country around? Lord knows KP can't do it. Moody's just swatted him down on his 2017 projections raising it some 300m.


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