Michelle Miller Motivationals: You Are The Change Your Life Is Waiting On

Everything changes. In a sense, change is the fundamental essence of life. There are those changes that will occur naturally, such as the changes in the seasons, the rising and setting of the sun et cetera. Then there are those changes that we can bring to our lives in an intentional way. These are the kinds of changes that we can choose to make according to the way we think and perceive the world.

The latter is often the furthest from the minds of most. The changes that people tend to chase after are those superficial ones –changing their wardrobes, careers, or changing their standard of living. While these topical changes may be popular, they are often without much real impact on people’s quality of life. Let’s be real, what’s the point of driving a $50,000 dollar car with a $20 mindset? Beyond the excitement of profiling in that vehicle, the car itself can do nothing to improve your thinking or decision-making skills.

You can learn to understand that the more crucial changes that you can make are those to the way you think and your capacity to harbour better quality thoughts. The way you think is the key factor in the way your life plays out. Accumulation of material gains isn’t an indication of mental agility. In fact, the robber on the street corner or the notorious drug lord in the neighbourhood can accumulate the same things. Hence, things aren’t a real sign of positive changes. Basically, it’s just stuff.


Being the change that your life is waiting on speaks to your willingness to dive a little deeper. This deeper dive will permit you to get inside your life and get a grip on who you are, what you desire your life to be about and how you can live for a higher purpose.

Life without purpose is not living. It becomes a chore of just existing going through the motion. Change is our friend. It can enable us to literally take our lives to a higher level of possibility. This change, however, is an inside job. Those who live with purpose muster the courage to befriend change. They know that they are the change their lives are searching for.

Too many of us spend our whole lives waiting for someone to give us permission to live life on our terms. You must activate your own authority over your life. Be willing to make the changes necessary to live your life as you desire. Accepting that you are the change is critical to accepting that you have authority over and responsibility for life. You must act as if you know that you are in the driver’s seat.

Nobody is going to give you power over yourself. You must assert it. Take it. Own it. Step like you know who you are; the power you possess. I know this is a whole lot easier said than done. But perhaps if you are willing to go through the process of owning your power, you can begin to recreate your life. This process starts with you getting under the hood of your mind. Take a look at the hurt, pain, mistakes, disappointments and fears that you may be still be holding on to. Then make the decision to clarify and cleanse them so that they are no longer depleting your power.


Only you can decide what becomes of your life. You can change intentionally or change by chance. The latter is without power – it’s just sitting down in your life watching time past you by. Time doesn’t care what you do or don’t do with it. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. Leader to leader, understand that you cannot grow without changing and you cannot change without growing.

To live a bigger life, you must be willing to change. You must be willing to take bigger risk. Don’t spend your whole life waiting for someone else to change your life. You are empowered to change your own life, to take yourself from brokenness to wholeness.

Remember that this is your life. It belongs to you alone. You are the one who must ensure that your life is dancing to your rhythm within. Real change takes time. Be your own change agent. In so doing, you begin to take the steps towards living an empowered life. Yes, you definitely can do it.

• Michelle M Miller is a certified life coach, communication and leadership expert. Visit www.talktomichellemiller.com or call 1-888-620-7894; mail can be sent to PO Box CB-13060.


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