Bpl Workers File Affidavits Over Dismissal By Company


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TEVAUGHN Miller, one of the former Bahamas Power & Light (BPL) employees who was fired two weeks ago, said in an affidavit that BPL officials never gave him an “opportunity to be heard or (to) respond to (the)allegations made against him”.

Consequently, the company contravened the Industrial Agreement signed between it and the Bahamas Electrical Workers Union, he said in the document filed in the Supreme Court yesterday.

His affidavit was filed along with ones for D’Yanndra Curry and Katonia Neely who were also fired.

He is represented by Wayne Munroe.

Mr Miller said he was a filing and records clerk.

At the time he was fired, his duties included “stamping in invoices, logging cheques, taking the cheques to the executive wing for signature and filing away paperwork,” he said.

An exhibit in the affidavit included a letter from BPL to Mr Miller informing him of his firing.

“We advise that at the conclusion of this investigation (regarding vendor fraud), the company has determined that you have committed major breaches including gross misconduct and dishonesty. Further, based on the findings of the investigation, the company has a reasonable and honest suspicion and belief that you were complicit in committing a fraud against the company resulting in substantial financial loses.

“We consider your actions to be repugnant to the fundamental interest of this company and therefore, in accordance with Clause 16.12.1(a) of the BEC/BEWU Industrial Agreement, and Section 33 of the Employment Act you are hereby summarily dismissed effective immediately without notice of payment in lieu of notice.”

Assistant Commissioner Paul Rolle, head of the Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBPF) Anti-Corruption Unit, has said that officers are investigating the fraud case.

It has been previously reported that BPL was defrauded of some $2m due to the scheme that was uncovered earlier this year. Two managers have been placed on suspension as the investigation continues.


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