Minnis And The Press

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Fresh out of the Trump playbook, Minnis could not resist to condemn the same press that helped him gain power. Minnis, the whole Bahamas and the world, knew that the FNM won on “fake news!” He, in his naivety, literally castigated the press for doing their job. What a gaffe!!

The press cannot please everyone if it is to speak the truth. I wondered how and why the Fourth Estate appeared to be selling Minnis, “lock, stock and barrel!” I said to myself, do they really know the person they are really “rolling the dice” for? But I was comforted that time, outlasted anyone’s game. The slogan “It’s the people’s time” was swallowed “hook, line and sinker” by the people. Today, just seven months later, the people want to return the election and get their refund.

The pettiness that exists today in the day-to-day operation of the government is simply unexplainable, but not surprising. The inexperience and the team assembled, many who are indebted to Minnis simply have no voice or guts to let their consciences lead them into to objecting to the childishness now being experienced.

All Bahamian are simply embarrassed. FNM, are egg faced and complaining, PLP are disappointed and the swing voters are shell shocked and now admitting that they were “hoodwinked”.

The Press are ashamed that the monster they created is now planning to devour them. Who among them would cash in their chips and save their integrity by responding to Minnis in kind. He has drawn the line in the sand. The Bahamian people have had enough and now see that they cannot get value for dollar. The most disgusting, vile and crude behaviour displayed to destabilise The Bahamas must be met with equal force.

It is time for all Bahamians who have been wronged by this government, to express their displeasure by uniting and showing the seriousness of these last few months.

The Press made Minnis, and now they have every opportunity to express how they feel after being disrespected for no reason by Minnis.

The sad part is, the country has come to a standstill, while familiar faces are getting all of the big deals. We know who and how much. But we wait anxiously to see if Minnis is going to allow those around him who have already started to fill their coffers to “jam him”.

There are already rumblings going on where some are in the back room saying, two for me, one for you, three for me one for you and none for Minnis.

The public is waiting with baited breath to see if the porous boarders is significant in the overall scheme of things and if those who have the authority and oversight would impose themselves for the good of the country or seek to find ways to enrich themselves, like how they were doing with the dump, the electricity, aragonite and other lucrative ventures.

Shine the light, shine the light, The Bahamas seem to be heading for a Commissioner of Inquiry.

Time longer than rope!



November 20, 2017.


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