Pamper Yourself With A Day At The Salon


As the holiday season heats up, you may be in danger of running yourself ragged as you zip around town completing errands and buying gifts. Or you might find yourself exhausted because you're attending every cocktail party and Christmas-themed event you've been invited to.

Before you run out completely out of steam, why not take some time to pamper yourself with a day at the salon. This is where Studio M, located in the Village Road Business Centre, comes into the picture.

Michelle Brady, the woman behind Studio M, said as women we are lucky we have so many options and products available to help us look and feel our best.

In her view, being well-groomed is not vanity. Whether you work outside the home or not, taking care of yourself is important and includes diet, exercise and appearance. It is a proven fact that when you look good, you feel good; when you feel good you have more energy, focus more easily and are more productive. Feel your best and be your best, and body and mind work together, she said.

Michelle had all this in mind when she created her full-service spa. She wanted to provide a client experience mirroring the environment, standards and expertise which a spa offers whilst combining it with the convenience, affordability and charm of a Bahamian salon.

For those of you who have already fallen in love with Studio M, the first L'Oreal branded spa in the Caribbean, you know all about the style, the elegance and service on offer.

Designed to look as sophisticated as a salon in London or New York, Studio M's décor strives to give its clients an instant feel-good fix before they even get started with the service of their choice.

Studio M offers a full range of hairstyling for all hair types, for men, women and children, with the complete range of L'Oreal products under their numerous brands, including Redken, Biolage, Kérastase, Moroccan Oil and Mizani. Need to repair hair damage? Take advantage of the latest products, or if you are feeling adventurous or want to see a new you, go wild and add some colour, be it purple, blue or a different shade of your choice with the semi-permanent dye 'City Beats' and watch heads turn.

Studio M also offers a variety of facial treatments, including anti-aging, moisturising, refining and lifting with the skin care line Repechage.

And what could be more appropriate, living by the sea as we do, than an all-natural seaweed masque? Have you ever wondered what the secret of those well-groomed French and Europe-an women is? They believe that regular monthly appointments keep them looking and feeling their best. It's a healthy habit, not a luxury, is Michelle's view.

Taking care of your health, which includes your skin, the largest organ in the body, should be part of that routine. The sun, much as we love it and and need it for wellness, can also have the opposite effect causing mild to serious skin and aging issues. Good quality products and good care are necessary preventive measures.

Want to make a morning or a day of it? Massage therapy is a good and relaxing way to start. If you have particular issues with muscle or other aches, please tell the therapist so she can provide the appropriate treatment. Then just lie back, relax while she soothes away the tiredness and rejuvenates you with selected oils.

Manicures and pedicures complete the picture at Studio M. Once you have used the personalised Voesh hand and nail treatments, you select your own pre-packaged set of fragrances for your use only - and there are several to choose from, such as lavender, patchouli, jasmine et cetera. Hot towels or warm socks impregnated with collagen will make your feet feel like a baby's again and wax gloves will perform the same magic on your hands. Finishing touches can include Essie nail polish, either gel or normal, in the very latest fashionable colours.

To stay current with the latest trends in hair, make-up and nails, Michelle said Studio M frequently invites experts in to demonstrate the newest products.

Currently they will be hosting Gigi, an international eyelash specialist who will be doing lash extensions (just in time for those holiday parties) from December 16 - 21. Limited space is available, so call 603-4444 for an appointment.

Gift cards are available all year in any amount you wish to make an extra special gift for birth-days, anniversaries and now for Christmas, guaranteed to please friends or loved ones.


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