EDITOR, The Tribune.

As a practice, Bahamasair does not respond to letters to the Editor, however, it was important to assure the travelling public that the airline takes its service obligations seriously.

Aside from our stellar safety record, since the end of 2016 to date, Bahamasair is exceedingly proud of our on time performance that has been consistently at or above 70%.

We acknowledge that from time to time we will experience irregular operations, as is the case with any airline. As a result of this, we review our procedures on an ongoing basis to ensure that best possible, outcomes and customer experience. We, can therefore state without fear of contradiction that at no time during the launch of our inaugural flight into Houston was service compromised on this or any route on the day in question.

Bahamasair wishes to thank the travelling public for its continued support as we strive to extend the reach of our nation into new and exciting markets. It is our mission as the national flag carrier to be a safe and dependable airline, where quality service is paramount and an excellent travel experience is our priority.


Managing Director,


December 5, 2017


DaGoobs 11 months, 2 weeks ago

Unfortunately for you, Tracy J. Cooper, you have not even come close to addressing the specific allegations made against Bahamasair which was that it pulled a flight to/from Fort Lauderdale in order to provide its inaugural flight to Houston, thereby causing passengers in both Nassau and Fort Lauderdale to be delayed by 4 or 5 hours while the airline serviced Houston. I don't know whether that qualifies as 'compromised service' or not but what I do know is that it does not answer the issues raised by the letter writer. In simple English, without the doublespeak or airline jumbo jumbo, all that needed to be said was "yes, we redirected the Fort Lauderdale flight to Houston" or "no, we didn't redirect the Fort Lauderdale flight to Houston". How difficult is that? Having taken 4 paragraphs and something in the region of 160 words to basically say "No, we didn't redirect the Fort Lauderdale flight in order to service the inaugural flight to Houston and did not compromise our service on this or any route on the day in question", one is left with the inescapable conclusion that Bahamasair did exactly what the letter writer stated they had done. William Shakespeare to Tracy J. Copper: "I think thou dost protest too much" or words to that effect; you get the message.


sheeprunner12 11 months, 1 week ago

We need to hear from Minister D'Aguilar when Bahamasair will be privatised and the non-profitable routes to the Family Islands will be turned over these routes (with some subsidies) to the domestic private carriers so that more Bahamian entrepreneurs like Western Air, Southern Air, Flamingo Air, SkyBahamas etc. can expand and flourish ............... and let Bahamasair fly internationally to fill up the hotels with tourists.


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