Moncur Claims Someone Is Trying To Kill Him

Rodney Moncur’s burnt out car

Rodney Moncur’s burnt out car


Tribune Staff Reporter


FORMER Senator Rodney Moncur said yesterday he believes "someone is trying to kill" him, after his car was destroyed by fire early Saturday morning while he and his wife slept inside their home.

In an interview with The Tribune, Mr Moncur said he fears no one is taking him seriously and the police are not "properly investigating" his claims because of his "out of the box" views and opinions.

Head of Police Fire Services Superintendent Walter Evans confirmed Mr Moncur's vehicle was "extensively burned" last Saturday and the matter is still under investigation.

However, Mr Moncur said he believes his car was "fire bombed" as part of a plot to take his life.

"Someone is trying to murder me, they threw a fire bomb in my vehicle. My wife and I were sleeping around 3am when someone began screaming my name," Mr Moncur said.

"They tried to burn down my office six times, my house was burned down in Black Village in 2013 and now they burn my car down. I don't know why anyone would do this to me. I have never been involved in any illegal activities nor have I done anyone anything to anyone.

"My wife woke me up to tell me that the caretaker was calling me and when I looked I could see the huge flame. Police say they are investigating but no one is taking me seriously. Everyone laughs because of who I am but no one will be laughing if this person kills me."

Mr Moncur is appealing to the Bahamas Christian Council and politicians to intervene on his behalf to ensure the matter is investigated properly.

"I need them to condemn this attack and help me because I do not want to die," Mr Moncur said.

"I am annoyed that someone would come to my home and do this. I am not satisfied that the police are investigating my matter because they have not been successful in all the other attacks against me. To the arsonist, please forgive me for what ever I have done. Please do not kill me. I do not want to die."

Last December, then Official Opposition Loretta Butler-Turner announced she had selected Mr Moncur, a controversial justice of the peace who opposed the gender equality referendum and has previously denounced women using birth control pills, to be appointed to the upper chamber.

Mr Moncur is also the host of the talk show "Freedom March".


TalRussell 3 days, 10 hours ago

Comrade Rodney got a caretaker?


ohdrap4 2 days, 19 hours ago

If he does the caretaker is not doing a good job.


stillwaters 2 days, 22 hours ago

Looks like just a warning to me. He knows who has reasons to warn him.


stillwaters 2 days, 22 hours ago

This is getting out of control, though. He needs to start an investigation into this matter. Very troubling.


DreamerX 2 days, 20 hours ago

While I despise most of Mr. Moncur's publicly stated beliefs on social change, attacking or intimidating him is vile. It also gives some form of credence to his many warped world views. The most refreshing aspect was his description of the luxurious food being catered at decent expenses at the meetings he attended while in the Senate. Otherwise, he's a silly man that is melodrama unto himself. Hope he stays safe and we get to ridicule him with ideas and not commit to violent acts.


TalRussell 2 days, 17 hours ago

Comrade DreamerX, long before Loretta elevated Rodney to the red chamber, I've been drawing attention not only to the catered lunch spreads provided to feed not only senators but also to full the stomachs members People's House of Assembly, and of course paid for by the People's Public Purse.... yet the priority for constituents of red shirts MP's to stop shi##ing outside in their backyards - will be delayed to the year 2025? {There's no making this red crap, up}.


sheeprunner12 2 days, 19 hours ago

The ex-Senator is in fear for his life .......... well, he should stay away from that webshop talk show.......... Let LBT go and take out a security detail for him .......... BOL


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