Two More Men Petition Courts Over Lawfulness Of Detention

The Carmichael Road Detention Centre.

The Carmichael Road Detention Centre.


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TWO more men are petitioning the courts over the lawfulness of their detention at the Carmichael Road Detention Centre.

The separate habeas corpus applications challenge the state to justify the detention of Regional Raymonvil, a 31-year-old man born in the Bahamas, and Jamaican Ricardo Johnson, who has a Bahamian wife.

Mr Raymonvil’s application was supported by an affidavit from his sister-in-law, Natasha St Luc, and a copy of his birth certificate.

Ms St Luc claims her brother-in-law has not been charged with an offence, and was falsely imprisoned. She furthered Mr Raymonvil’s in-country birth meant he came to the Bahamas legally with the intention to apply for citizenship.

Mr Raymonvil was still in the process of gathering his supporting documents when he was arrested by Immigration officers in Grand Bahama, according to her affidavit.

“Mr Raymonvil was in possession of the application form and documents along with his Haitian passport, which were taken from him upon his arrest in Freeport, Grand Bahama on the 29 of November, 2017,” the affidavit read.

“Mr Raymonvil’s family fears that he could be deported before the determination of his citizenship application and efforts to obtain information from the Department of Immigration have been futile.”

Ms St Luc claims her brother was not given a reason for his imprisonment, nor has he been taken before a court or granted bail.

Mr Johnson’s application was supported by an affidavit from his legal counsel, Callenders & Co. law firm legal assistant Wislande Geffrard.

Mr Geffrard claims Mr Johnson is married to a Bahamian with a valid spousal permit but has been detained at the CRDC for more than a week.

He states that he was advised Mr Johnson was on a list to be deported without an opportunity to appear in court, or being charged with an offence.

“I am advised that he is unlawfully imprisoned by the Department of Immigration in contravention of the Constitution and the Criminal Procedure Code Act,” his affidavit read.

“Mr Johnson’s imprisonment is unconstitutional and unlawful.”

The applications for habeas corpus writs were filed in the Supreme Court against the Attorney General, Minister of Immigration, Director of Immigration, and Superintendent of the Carmichael Road Detention Centre on December 7.


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