Gov’t to tackle mail boat concerns ‘in earnest’

A CABINET minister yesterday said he has committed to a “sit down” with mail boat operators after Christmas to address “in earnest” industry concerns. 

Speaking with reporters ahead of yesterday’s Cabinet meeting, Frankie Campbell, minister of transport and local government, said: “There are concerns on both sides. They have concerns and we have concerns.

“I have met with their Association and some individual operators. I have sent out a general correspondence. I took the opportunity to thank the mail boat operators for the service that they have been giving, and I asked them to partner with me - especially during this season - to ensure that the services the family islanders are looking forward to and depending on are  given.”

He added: “I gave them the undertaking that after the holidays we will sit down in earnest and address those other concerns.”

Mr Campbell added that mail boat operators will cease operations during the week between Christmas and New Year, and urged Family Island residents and business to make the necessary arrangements and order their groceries in time. 

As previously reported by Tribune Business, mail boat operators have been calling for a tariff increase “for some time now”.

Raphael Moxey, president of the Mailboat Owners and Operators Association, told Tribune Business in October: “We have been advocating for an increase in the tariff for sometime now. That is nothing new. That has been ongoing for years. We do intend bring the issue up with the current administration.”


OMG 6 years, 2 months ago

Not sure about the mailboat charges but if you ship the smallest item with the Sea Wind or Bo Hengy you would believe that you had bought shares in the boat. Their charges for even an envelope are ridiculous.


ohdrap4 6 years, 2 months ago

well an envelope on bahamasferries from Nassau is only 4 dollars.

Bahamas air charges 23 dollars and GWS and Fedex even more.

A huuuuge plastic bin on the legacy goes for 6-8 dollars, even for refrigerated and frozen stuff.

It is a bargain.

Of course you could take your chances with the post office, 15 cents, it will never arrive.


sheeprunner12 6 years, 2 months ago

The mailboat business is vital to The Bahamas .......... But there are only a small group of operators (like the Hannas, Taylors, Moxeys & Deans) who have a virtual monopoly on the Family Island routes ...... Because of this "cartel" they have become almost indispensable to both the Government and the communities they serve........... hence the level of service and abuse of the schedules and freight costs. If they strike - the country will be in chaos.

Why do so many foreigners work on these mailboats??????????

The Bahamas Fast Ferries want to expand, but that is a politically delicate situation - given that Brent is a senior Cabinet Minister.


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