Man Shot Dead In Elizabeth Estates

A man has died after a shooting in Elizabeth Estates early on Tuesday morning.

According to reports, shortly before 1am, the man was at a party on Commonwealth Boulevard when he was approached by an armed man who shot him before fleeing.

The victim was pronounced dead at the scene. There were no other injuries.


John 3 years, 3 months ago

Despite some killings, murders have been down significantly during the months of November and December. Part to the fact that several dangerous and ruthless killers have themselves been killed while others find themselves under death threats and some have left the country. But very significant now is police have managed to penetrate gangs, identity their senior leaders and scramble a lot of their organized, criminal activities. And there is lots more work to be done as another group of youthful offenders seem to want to rise up and continue with criminal activities. This is evident in a recent robbery where the pepetrators of the crime were armed to the ‘t’ while they carried out a movie like robbery. But too, to the credit of the police, most, of not all the persons who committed murder in recent weeks have been caught, charged and remanded to prison. This means they won’t get an opportunity at another killing or themselves become a victim of retaliation. Now it’s up to the courts to play their and ensure murderers get swift justice, harsh sentences and definitely no bail. Once the police continue to stamp out gang related killings the ‘natural ‘ murder rate will also decline as those killers will also be detected and detained. The country can clearly see a murder count of less than 50 in 2018!


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