Symonette the man to be leader

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Re: Your editorial of Feb 2, 2017: “It’s Time For The Opposition To Get Its Act Together”, and in which you reference and quote the thrust of an excellent editorial letter by Luther McDonald published on January 24th.

I am in hearty agreement with everything that Mr McDonald espouses, as the attributes of a Bahamian leader like Brent Symonette, except perhaps, his conclusion that most people would have, that the Bahamian people would never support him because he is white.

I have it on very good authority that Mr Symonette’s birth certificate states that his race is MIXED. Certainly the Symonette name originated in Europe and very likely is of French origin. And somewhere between the first Symonette landing in Eleuthera and Sir Roland being born, there was an inter-racial relationship between a pure European Symonette and a pure African spouse or partner. But the question that begs asking is why would a mixed race Symonette, and a clearly mixed race Christie, be any different politically? Wikipedia provides a couple of origins of “Clan Christie” one of which being: “Christie is a shortened form of Christian and possibly also of Christopher, which is established in Fife and Stirlingshire1 According to Scots Kith and Kin, Clan Christie was in the area of Fife in the 15th Century. Said to be a sept of the Clan Farquharson. So, that being said, one of the Scottish Christie’s must have had an inter-racial relationship, with a pure or mixed race African.

So, if our acceptable Parliamentarians, and or Prime Ministers, can only be based on the degree of BLACKNESS then we are really in trouble in this country. Philip Davis is probably the only qualified MP. Just look at the Parliamentarians of today, including senators, and decide if any of these are black enough to meet this test. Perry Christie himself, speaking of pure white Spanish Wells Ryan Pinder, expressed the belief that he was a Bahamian who “could” be the Prime Minister of a Black Majority Country.

So, what is the real criteria here. Is it only some mixed race people that are acceptable to the Bahamian people? I don’t think so!

And, if the current state of our nation, and its finances, and the state of almost every other Ministry of Government being in shambles, does not tell us that the colour of a Bahamian’s skin is not a sensible bar to preventing someone who can engender and re-establish international respect for this country, then we are really and truly a people beyond all hope.

So, yes, I think that Brent Symonette is the one person who could lead a Unified Opposition against the PLP and by so doing bring the FNM, DNA, XYZ, and ABC, parties together under one banner to defeat the PLP and form a Government, to be run on sound financial and business principles. Such an alliance would require that all groups withdraw their constituency nominees, so that a selection of the best and most likely successful candidates can be re-nominated. It also supposes that the three or four contenders for Alt Prime Minister stand back, and take a secondary position. I have been told this could work, and it would be the cornerstone of any such venture.

Urban Dictionary defines a Come to Jesus Moment as:

An epiphany in which one realises the truth of a matter; a sudden, intuitive perception of or insight into the reality or essential meaning of something; coming ..

I think that now is your “Come to Jesus Moment Gentlemen and Lady” . .



February 6, 2017.


birdiestrachan 6 years, 1 month ago

The great "White Knight" riding on his Black horse comes to save not only the Bahamas But the World. Really BRUCE G RAINE?


MonkeeDoo 6 years, 1 month ago

birdiestrachan: You should keep an eye out for Jesus cuz you are gonna need him soon.


sealice 6 years, 1 month ago

Jesus? that PLP koolaid drinking fool ain't going to heaven.... i'll see him when i get to hell.....


EasternGate 6 years, 1 month ago

Symonette like Minnis, is a poor communicator


Reality_Check 6 years, 1 month ago

t's well known that Brent and Craig Symonette have never been the brightest crayons produced by Pop. These two brothers are all about themselves and their struggles to maintain the nest eggs they inherited. It was their older half brother Robert (Bobby) who inherited all of Pop's smarts in dealing with people and building businesses. The other two (Brent and Craig) were always high society Mommy's boys and they certainly lived in the shadow of Bobby while he was alive. In short, don't ever expect much from Brent or Craig - they just never will have much to give because they are so focused on taking!


ThisIsOurs 6 years, 1 month ago

It's not "whiteness" that disqualifies Symonette, it's "classness", only someone truly disconnected with the struggle of the average Bahamian could proudly pronounce that they support Donald Trump after the absolute chaos he's inflicted over the past month.


sheeprunner12 6 years, 1 month ago

Pop Jr. .........just keep money flowing to the FNM and get the hell out of the way


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