The Journey To Sexual Purity


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A CHRISTIAN trying to live a life of sexual purity may find it challenging to do so in today’s world, as sexual images and innuendos are to be found all around us – in television, music, ads and social media. 

And with this pressure from all sides, maintaining a lifestyle of celibacy requires a consistent renewing of one’s commitment to the Word of God and also an understanding of the power and purpose of sex. 

In its fourth annual “Let’s Talk About Sex”, the Army Ignited organisaton hopes to encourage believers and educate persons about the sanctity of sex in the eyes of God. 

“Lets Talk Sex” will feature “fiery and timely” live panel discussions on dating God’s way, as well as on other pertinent topics.

The event takes place tonight at the Student Union Building at the University of the Bahamas at 6.30pm.

The host for the evening will be Shana Edgecombe, and the panel will consist of Deangelo and Carlisa Belle, Pastor Cara Scavella, and Minister Monica Clare, the director of Army Ignited.

Army Ignited is the young adult ministry of the Epic Church Bahamas. It describes itself as an army of young people who are “dead to the world, alive in Christ, and set ablaze by the fire of the Holy Spirit”. 

Minister Clare said the purpose of “Let’s Talk About Sex” is to restore the standards prescribed by God as they pertain to sexual intercourse and one’s sexuality.

“In a culture that is oversaturated with the ‘free for all – just do whatever makes you feel good’ message, Army Ignited seeks to open up the conversation about a lifestyle of purity in the midst of a society that laughs at chastity and mocks celibacy,” said Minister Clare.

She conceded that the Church as whole has not done the best job in educating its members on all aspects of sex, which has left many young believers unarmed and with no information. 

“The Church hasn’t always done a good job of addressing sex, but I believe the church is finally catching onto the need to not keep silent when it comes to sex and intimacy and all of the joys and woes that come from it. For a long time shame and secrecy have surrounded sex and it seemed that the word had to whispered in the church if talked about at all, leaving multiple generations to be miseducated by peers who were ignorant and Hollywood who’s aim is to turn over a quick buck through the titillation of our flesh,” she said. 

“The enemy has hijacked sex and sexuality turning it into something dirty and forbidden, taking away the purpose, beauty and gift that sex was intended. That was a lie, and unfortunately even the Church bought into it. But enough is enough. If we talk about sex in truth we can get rid of the premature and deadly curiosity of the forbidden fruit, so to speak.”

At the end of the event, Minister Clare hopes young adults will walk away armed with the truth about sex and ultimately make a decision to pursue God’s design of purity for them. 

“Also for those who have made the choice to have premarital sex and for some who had the unwanted choice made for them, to earnestly ask God to rewrite their stories as He is the redeemer of all,” she said.


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