Listen To Bishop Boyd

EDITOR, The Tribune.

WHEN a head of a denomination speaks and speaks loudly on live television the content of his address has to be taken seriously. We should listen carefully to what Bishop Laish Boyd of the Anglican Church had to say as he said a lot.

Why do people offer themselves as candidates in elections? Perceived corruption in government.

The setting of the election boundaries, controlled by party-in-power. Migration - are we treating them fairly and humanely?


Biased employing of civil servants based on party loyalty. Transparency in our national financial affairs. Political promises never to be created.

I agree totally with the first item - the constant from these people is the word “power” - sorry if you are not interested in serving get out.

Corruption - unless proven there is no case, if you know, then report it.

Boundaries - everyone knows each other - Independent Commission. How?

Migration - the constant repeated allegations have to be worrisome - what is the truth? Government would do well to clear these allegations.

Crime - our services are doing a commendable job - as the Bishop said you hardly invite the Police for coffee or a beer it is always after a crime.

Employment - we know Party supporters push this to the limit it is wrong, employment should be on merit and only when a job is vacant.

Financial transparency - I would certainly commend Hubert Minnis to refer to the VAT Law - the FNM voted for the legislation- yes, waste is wrong.

Campaign promises ..... Lord forgive them as they aIl want ‘almighty power!



February 8, 2017.


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