National Holiday Full Of Empty Promises

EDITOR, The Tribune.

THE PLP making a national holiday into a political day is wrong in any sense of the word.

Watch what we will endure all over again as we have endured from Majority Day from the PLP the only theme they know.......

Is ZNS TV going to air...Roots? Probably and/or any movie that will further divide for one single intention - to desperately try to bring back the thousands of once diehard PLP’s to support the PLP going into their Convention and election.

Majority Rule Day is a bipartisan National Holiday of all Bahamians.

What difference will it make if they come out in their yellow-gold or in black pink or any other colour the talk - the message of the speakers will be the same old garbage. Truth told the majority still wait attaining the promise - the numerous PLP Governments have done as little as possible to give the majority something tangible.....oh they are good on promises. Remember 2012? Bahamians first!

It is a sad day 50 years after Majority Rule Day when black-mango-conchy-joe and white Bahamians voted for the alternative to the minority party who founded our modern economy which successive Governments have mashed and reduced to almost junk. The majority I suggest are still enslaved as they were pre-1967.

January 10th will be a black day of same old PLP garbage flowing from the mouths’ of those who still have no a clue what the majority want.



January 1, 2016.


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