Man Fined $1,000 For Possession Of Dangerous Drugs


Tribune Staff Reporter


A MAN was fined $1,000 on Monday after he pleaded guilty to possession of dangerous drugs with intent to supply.

Kevin Keith Roberts, 21, appeared before Magistrate Andrew Forbes facing the charge with Newry Joseph, 20, concerning a marijuana seizure by police on January 5.

While Joseph pleaded not guilty, Roberts took responsibility for one ounce of marijuana allegedly found in their possession when they were pulled over by police who were on mobile patrol.

When taken into custody at the Drug Enforcement Unit, Roberts declined to answer questions put to him, resulting in him being charged, Supt Ercell Dorsett said.

Roberts’ lawyer, Ian Cargill, asked the magistrate to be lenient to his client, who had no prior convictions and did not desire to waste the court's time or resources in going to trial.

Before passing sentence on Roberts, Magistrate Forbes lectured him on the dangers of drug trafficking besides facing criminal prosecution.

The magistrate said that many of the murders recorded in the country were connected to the drug trade.

Due to his early plea of guilt, his youth and lack of antecedents, the magistrate fined Roberts $1,000 instead of imposing a custodial sentence for a crime that could have seen him receive a heavier fine and/or seven years' imprisonment.

However, Magistrate Forbes said if Roberts does not pay the $1,000 penalty, he will spend 12 months at the Department of Correctional Services.

The police prosecutor was asked if he intended to proceed with the case against Joseph and Supt Dorsett said that was the Crown's intention.

The matter was further adjourned to April 7 for his trial.

However, Joseph aka Travis Moxey went on to be charged separately with "deceit of a public officer" where it was alleged that on the same date, he "made a false statement to Constable 3305 Miller with intent to prevent the course of justice".

Joseph admitted to giving police the alias Travis Moxey. His fingerprints that were in the system for another matter under his real name led to him being charged.

He was given a $500 fine or six months' imprisonment.

Joseph was told that he would be remanded to the Department of Correctional Services to await his April 7 trial but had right to apply for a bond in the Supreme Court.

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