Road Traffic Runs Out Of Stickers In Freeport


Tribune Freeport Reporter


AFTER running short of inspection stickers and decals in Freeport, Acting Deputy Controller of the Road Traffic Department Ken Ferguson revealed that a new digital system will soon be implemented in Grand Bahama to prevent such issues.

The new system has been implemented in Nassau, and plans are also underway to move to an automated system in the Family Islands.

On Wednesday, motorists in Freeport were inconvenienced when the department ran short of inspection stickers and decals when they went to have their vehicles licensed.


Deputy Prime Minister K Peter Turnquest.

Free National Movement (FNM) Deputy Leader Peter Turnquest said the nuisance to motorists was unacceptable.

“The lack of proper planning and procurement in the Road Traffic Department is astounding and a spectacular failure on behalf of the Ministry of Transport and Aviation, as well as the Ministry of Grand Bahama,” Mr Turnquest said.

“As this department is responsible for the administration of the road traffic licensing and inspection functions for which a fee is collected, we call on the government to provide value for money to the people of Grand Bahama who deserve first-class service in a modern society,” he said.

Mr Turnquest called on the government to be accountable and to provide the resources necessary for the Grand Bahama Road Traffic Department to do its job effectively and efficiently.

“The inconvenience to the Bahamian people is unacceptable and inconsistent with a safer, stronger, modern and more prosperous Bahamas,” he said on Wednesday.

When The Tribune contacted Mr Ferguson yesterday he informed the newspaper that the inspection stickers and decals had arrived yesterday morning.

“We have senior officers come from Nassau this morning with the inspection decals,” Mr Ferguson said. He noted that consideration must be given to the situation, as the government “is about to roll out the new system in a couple of weeks”.

“It would be unwise to spend funding when inspection stickers and decals will soon be obsolete,” he said.

Mr Ferguson said that licensing of vehicles is running smoothly, but expects that there will be “some hiccups” when the new system is rolled out.


Publius 3 years ago

How is this only now being discussed when this has been happening on that island for years now under the current administration? Is there nothing in this country that truly matters until weeks before someone needs someone's vote?


Sickened 3 years ago

I'm pretty sure they ordered and received the correct amount of stickers as I cannot see where they would order say 5,000 stickers when there are 10,000 licensed cars. AND I cannot see where they would order say 1,000 stickers a month to satisfy a guesstimated monthly registration figure. So, I would have to conclude that 1) the stickers were lost due to total and expected incompetence, 2) the stickers were stolen by third parties or 3) the stickers were sold by persons in the department to friends and families. Either way someone should be fired!!!


The_Oracle 3 years ago

Last year they were out of the license plastic cards for 3 months, (June, July, August) Earlier this year they ran out of plates, (August/Sept) and the other day they were out of license plastic again! (Jan) I pray when they "roll out" the new system it will go month by month for the year and not all at once!


realfreethinker 3 years ago

For months last year I had a 8x10 piece of paper for my drivers licence. Jokes these people aint serious. A week after I got my real licence, someone went to get their's and was also given the 8x10 paper


OMG 3 years ago

Who are the incompetent's who are unable to stock take and plan ahead ? Another government rip of is the fact that any vehicle licence should be 12 months from the date of issue not backdated to the last vehicle licence .


ohdrap4 3 years ago

i disagree, both the driver's licence and vehicle license should be back dated.

it not everyone would take a license vacation and drive illegally for a number of months with no penalty. some already do so.

the poor folks like me who pay for the license and insurance on time then pay for road repairs and the those who do not pay destroy the road for free.

i am tired of freeloaders of electricity , water and property tax bill too.


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