Vendors Benefit Through Junkanoo Summer Fest

Food and craft vendors said business was brisk at the opening of Junkanoo Summer Festival (JSF).

Cherrel Rolle, of Da Point Island Delight, said she enjoys the opportunity of catering to Bahamians and tourists alike.

"Business hasn't been bad at all; I'm enjoying the people and I like cooking, so it's a joy for me to cater to my Bahamian people and tourists alike. The response has been very good so far, even though it's my first time to Junkanoo Summer Festival," she said.

Calverna Swann, of Club 900, added: "It's my first time at JSF and I'm hoping to have a great time as a vendor. I always come and watch, but this is my first time as a vendor. By the end of the night, I'll be completely sold out."

Bahamian handcraft artist, Ava Forbes of Ava Forbes Creations, creates handcrafted jewellery and souvenirs using sea glass, seashells and native flowers. "Business has been excellent," she said. "It isn't my first year at JSF, but festivals such as this are good for companies because it gives us exposure to the Bahamian public as well as to international visitors that come to the Bahamas, and they've been thrilled with the products I produce."

Similarly, Christine Davis, of Christine Davis Sea Glass, added: "Seeing that this is my first time doing this, I'm really glad that I took up the opportunity to do it, and I would do it again because it's been that good. The response from the visitors have been really great because some of them don't know what sea glass is and they've never seen anyone work with it before.

Theresa Lehmann, of Pennsylvania, said the last time she was in the Bahamas was more than three decades ago.

"I was here about 35 years ago and this was my first time since," she added. "We were on Eleuthera the last time we were here and it really hasn't change that much; it's still beautiful. But this is my first time in Nassau and it's exactly what I have always been told it was; colourful, active, filled with friendly people. I'm enjoying this festival very much. The Junkanoo is amazing and they're so colourful. I'm hoping to be back very soon."

First-time visitor, Kelly Snyder of Ohio, said: "The Bahamas is fantastic and the people here are so friendly; I can't describe how friendly they are. It's amazing. I've been to this festival for an hour and a half and I think I've tried everything from cracked lobster to I don't even know. I've tried everything, I'm going to gain ten pounds here. My favourite dish, however, is the crab and dough. It was fantastic and the parade is fantastic; the music is wonderful, I can't wait to see the end."


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I bet they were all friends of , considering vending information isn't available anywhere online.


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