Mr Miller, You Are Wrong In Blaming Bpl

EDITOR, The Tribune.

The Tribune dated June 19th, reads “Miller blames power outages on the hiring of ‘foreigners’ – Former Bahamas Electricity Corp (BEC) Executive Chairman Leslie Miller has blamed the frequent power outages at Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) on the former administration’s decision to hire ‘foreigners’ to run the power company rather than allow Bahamians to ‘fix the problems’.”

With all due respect, Mr Miller, when you were in charge of BEC as Executive Chairman and being in this position, you should have known the background and history of the power outages and blackouts. Mr Miller, it is not fair for you, and certainly untrue that you blame Bahamas Power and Light for the power outages.

The blackouts or load shedding cannot be blamed on BPL in any way because we as Bahamians have experienced these problems for the past 50 years. BPL just came to The Bahamas to help out and alleviate these problems. Remember Mr Miller, BPL came to The Bahamas under the former government and still there is no solution in sight. If you disagree with the former government for bringing in BPL over BEC’s local management team then say so, but do not blame BPL for the blackouts which existed long before they came to The Bahamas.

Mr Miller, I wrote a letter concerning the blackouts. I did not know how long or when they started, so I did research into this vexing and frustrating problem. You can read the letter printed in The Tribune on November 24, 2016, pages 22 and 23, and you will see what I found. Go online, tribune242.com concerning blackouts and power outages. The headline of my letter reads “Power issues that plague our nation”.

In The Nassau Guardian dated January 6, 1973, it reads, “Loadshedding a thing of the past, says Prime Minister Lynden O Pindling. ‘I am here, I think, to pay tribute to what must be a success story,’ said the Prime Minister, despite what he called the big ‘boo boo’ that was made in the purchase of the Fair-Banks-Moore equipment that contributed to much of the electricity crisis that occurred during the years 1967, 1968, 1969 and part of 1970.” There is still no solution in sight after 50 years, so Mr Miller do not blame BPL.

In The Tribune dated January 25, 1973, it reads “The Prime Minister recently claimed it would be a ‘thing of the past’ but load shedding again after trouble at Blue Hill Plant. Ever since Prime Minister Lynden O Pindling declared 20 days ago that load shedding was a ‘thing of the past’ BEC has been doing just that - load shedding.”

Mr Miller, it seems that BEC cannot meet the demands of the public. Mr Miller, load shedding has been going on for many years, don’t you think the Bahamian people deserve better than this after suffering the awful heat for the past 50 years? This is a disgrace and it’s a crying shame. I say again, it seems BEC cannot meet the demands of the public. Old generators are unpredictable. Get rid of the old generators and give BEC new generators and new equipment and put a stop to load shedding and power cuts once and for all, and put an end to this awful nightmare.

Mr Miller, you are wrong in blaming BPL. Anyone else who blames BPL are wrong also. Blackouts, load shedding, power outages have been going on for the past 50 years. Mr Miller do your research as I have done and you will see what I have reported here is correct.

Mr Miller, may Almighty God continue to bless and protect The Bahamas and its people is my sincere prayer.



June 27, 2017.


Porcupine 3 years, 2 months ago

That is why we must purge ourselves of the ignorant blowhards like Mr. Miller. Quit allowing a person who was part of the problem to suggest he can be part of the solution. It doesn't work like that. Mr. Miller's lack of intelligence speaks for itself. Shouldn't The Bahamas be done with Mr. Miller?


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