Bahamas First To Stage Hurricane Prep Seminar

Bahamas First will hold a free public education seminar, Hurricane Prep 101, next Tuesday at 6 pm at the British Colonial Hilton.

The event will feature a presentation on hurricane preparedness by the Bahamas Red Cross, followed by a panel discussion. The panel will include representatives from the Bahamas Contractors Association, Technical Adjusters Bahamas, Bahamas First and NUA Insurance Agents & Brokers.

Attendees will be given tips on how to maintain their homes and property to best withstand and recover from a storm; how to speed up and simplify the claims process in the event of a loss; and learn about the key benefits and terms of homeowners insurance.

Reflecting on lessons learned from Hurricane Matthew, Bahamas First said: "We want to do our part to ensure that our clients are in the best state possible to protect their families and homes, and minimise their risk in the event of a hurricane this year.

"This forum is about providing practical advice and solutions, and also creating an opportunity for the public to get answers from subject matter experts on not only insurance topics but also home maintenance, disaster relief and other related issues."

Bahamas First paid out a record 2,800 Matthew-related claims, and said many clients were not completely knowledgeable about key aspects of their coverage and policies. In some cases, this impacted their ability to fully recover their losses.

"We see ourselves as partners with our clients and, following last year's significant event, we want to leverage that experience to ensure that our clients are well-informed, have adequate coverage and are best positioned to recover and move on with their lives in the unfortunate event of a loss," the insurer added.


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