Sands Beer Cup To Be Awarded To Golfer With Most Net Points

EARLIER in the year the Bahamas Golf Federation and the Bahamian Brewery and Beverage Company announced a new event called the Sands Beer Cup. The Cup, which is being specially designed by Sands Beer, will be awarded to the golfer with the most net stapleford points over his/her best six rounds of golf in the designated BGF tournaments during 2017.

Additionally, prizes will be awarded to the winners and runners-up in each division.

The series of tournaments started with the Grand Bahama Open in March and was followed by the National Amateur Championships in May. One event was held in Exuma in June and the next event on the calendar is the Lyford Cay Classic on July 21.

This will be followed by the Paradise Island Open in September and will conclude with the Albany Championship in October. So far, at least 80 golfers have participated in at least one event.

The Bahamas Golf Federation is pleased to release the current leaderboard as of June 30, 2017. After seven rounds of golf, the leaderboard was calculated based on the best four of the seven net rounds played.

• The top 12 golfers in the

Sands Beer Cup race are:

1. Richard Gibson Jr- 145 pts

2. Marvin Bethell - 140

2. Ural Pratt - 140

2. Victor Skinner - 140

5. George Swann - 139

6. Ted Adderley - 135

6. Jeff Morasco - 135

8. Oswald Moore - 133

9. Allan Gardner - 132

9. Nolan Johnson - 132

9. Vincent DeGregory - 132

9. Ambrose Gouthro - 132

Richard Gibson Jr also leads in the Regular Division with 145 followed by Nolan Johnson and Oren Butler with 132 and 130, respectively.

Ural Pratt leads the Mid-Amateur Division with 140. Peter McIntosh is second with 129 and Thibaud Halewyck is third with 128.

In the Senior Division, George Swann is on top with 139, Ted Adderley is second with 135 and third is Ken Basden with 128. Marvin Bethell and Victor Skinner are tied at the top of the Super Seniors Division with 140 followed by Jeff Morasco with 135.

The Ladies' Division is led by Inecia Rolle with 127. Second is Nyah Singh with 120 and third is Adrian Von Echardstein with 115.

The Gross Division is also led by Richard Gibson Jr with 137 points followed by Oren Butler with 130 and Peter McIntosh 123.

Golfers need to play a minimum of six rounds to qualify to win the Cup or a Division. There are still four rounds left to be played so players can use the last four rounds to reach the minimum or improve on some of their earlier scores.


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