An Open Letter To The Pm

EDITOR, The Tribune.

Please print this open letter to the Prime Minister

Dear Dr Minnis:

Congratulations on your new appointment as Prime Minister of The Bahamas.

As a supporter of the FNM party for many, many years, (I was born in 1929) and have seen many changes and new appointments in the Government, but would like to make a few suggestions.

I would like to see this new Parliament show more respect towards the House of Parliament, no more name calling and pulling one another down. It has been so embarrassing in the past to listen to Parliament and hear the mud-slinging at one another.

I often wonder what our young children think of watching grown men and women conducting themselves in this matter. Please let this be a thing of the past.

I also have a suggestion to make with the disposal of garbage to be more effective. Like in the United States and Europe, we have to do more to recycle our trash. We need a drop off point for old papers and boxes, special bags for tins and bottles, plastics should be recycled and this would help with the problems we are presently having with the dump fires.

I would also like to see recognizable bus stops and the buses stop only at designated bus stops. Now buses stop wherever they like, which causes traffic congestion and unnecessary accidents to happen.

Also I think owners of vacant land, must be made responsible to keep the land cleaned up. Riding around Nassau and seeing the state of some of the properties is an eye sore. Along with this, a major clean up needs to be done in Nassau, as it is deplorable. Garbage and trash thrown anywhere with no one cleaning it up. As a Bahamian it is an embarrassment to see and for tourists to witness how dirty our country is.

Along the lines of cleaning up, I think all politicians need to be responsible for their constituencies to keep it clean. Remove all broken down cars, and garbage, clean up the yards of derelict buildings and let us get back to a Bahamas we can all be proud of.



June 6, 2017.


DDK 2 years, 8 months ago

You are right to be concerned as these are very correct observations and I trust the Prime Minister follows your sage advice.


alfalfa 2 years, 8 months ago

We clean it up today, and it is filthy again tomorrow. The people responsible for littering need to be penalized under the law.


Sickened 2 years, 8 months ago

We all want to go to a nice clean, quiet beach on the weekends but so many of us leave our shit on the beach when we leave. For those of you that do this... you are SCUM! Take your shit home with you so that you and the rest of us can enjoy a nice clean beach next weekend! THINK... FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE!!!!


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