Scholars Graduate From Lyford Cay Foundations

THIS year, 36 Lyford Cay Foundations scholars will graduate with their college degrees.

For the scholars, the road to achieving post-secondary education is full of hard work, sacrifice and financial planning. The Lyford Cay Foundations are proud to have been a part of each of these scholars’ path to graduation, and to a brighter future, a press release noted.

Kristal Ambrose and Rashad Storr are two scholars who are excited to have developed skills that position them to fill the gaps in under-represented industries in The Bahamas.

Ms Ambrose is from New Providence and is a graduate of R M Bailey High School. She has completed her undergraduate studies with honours at Gannon University where she majored in interdisciplinary studies with a concentration in environmental science. Prior to pursuing her undergraduate degree, she graduated with her associate’s degree in fisheries management and aquaculture.

“Ms Amrose has always had the goal of making a positive impact on the physical environment of the Bahamas through science,” a press release noted. “In addition to being a full-time student, Kristal is the founder and director of Bahamas Plastics Movement, an organisation focused on research, education and policy change surrounding plastic pollution in The Bahamas. The non-profit has educated and mobilised hundreds of students and educators throughout the country.”

Mr Storr of New Providence is also a graduate of R M Bailey High School, and is receiving his degree from George T Butler Aviation School where he majored in aviation technology.

With his degree, Mr Storr will be able to service all parts of aircraft ranging in size from small charter planes to large commercial planes.

He said: “In The Bahamas, airline mechanics are rare. My skills are going to be a great asset and open doors that I could have only dreamed of just a few years ago before receiving this scholarship.”

The two “are representative of this class of graduating scholars who are set to make an impact in the country in a variety of under-represented fields that include global health and development, marine engineering, communications disorders, auto technology, architectural building engineering and underwater welding”, the Lyford Cay Foundations noted.

“Our scholarships programme helps to create opportunities for students who are interested in pursuing both academic studies and technical trades. We are eager to assist students who want to study in fields that are greatly needed in the country,” said Maureen French, managing director of the Lyford Cay Foundations.

“The foundations look forward to seeing the wide impact that these 36 scholars will have on industries throughout the country.”


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