Artist takes her workto the third dimension


Artist Edwina Maynard, who hosted a 3D art exhibition titled ‘Emergence: Dawn of the Day’ at Doongalik Studios. Photo: Shawn Hanna/Tribune Staff

BAHAMIAN artist Edwina Maynard put on a one-night only mixed 3D, acrylic and oil art show Wednesday evening.

The pieces were on display at Doongalik Studios.

The Art Institute of Charlotte senior hopes the pieces will provide insight into the views of Bahamians living abroad with a love of country in their hearts.

"With every piece I create, I always incorporate some aspect of our Bahamian culture in it," said Ms Maynard in a press release. "By adding in simple details, each piece is unique and sets it apart from everyone else's work. I think that it is more difficult for Bahamians who are out of country to contribute to the growth and development of our nation while qualifying and advancing ourselves abroad.

"I want to display my talents and show the Bahamian community that there is more to art than painting, sculptures, mosaics, etc and hopefully inspire others to discover and define their own gift and spark the passion needed to realise the dreams within."

Wednesday's show was a compilation of many hours of work and effort using Autodesk Maya and Adobe Photoshop.

"I want people to leave feeling like they've been exposed to the inner me, my style and to ultimately understand the passion," said Ms Maynard. "Finally, I would want guests to take away that 3D is an art medium, although not a traditional Bahamian art vehicle, and I want them to be just as curious about how many other untapped art mediums are available to be explored."


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