Nottage Being Treated In Florida

The funeral for Dr Bernard Nottage will take place on Friday.

The funeral for Dr Bernard Nottage will take place on Friday.


Tribune Chief Reporter


FORMER Bain and Grants Town MP Dr Bernard Nottage was said to be receiving treatment at a hospital in Florida yesterday.

Progress Liberal Party Chairman Bradley Roberts told The Tribune that the 71-year-old statesman was airlifted to the United States on Friday.

In an earlier statement, Dr Nottage was said to be “making some progress” in his recovery after he was admitted to hospital locally last Tuesday.

PLP officials said the former minister of national security was “gravely ill” in the Intensive Care Unit at Doctors Hospital.

Another source familiar with his condition indicated that Dr Nottage appeared to be on the mend last week, adding that there was some level of responsiveness being exhibited by the former Cabinet minister.

Last Wednesday, scores of family members, friends and former colleagues descended on Doctors Hospital as reports of Dr Nottage’s critical state began to circulate.

There were also false rumours on social media that he had died.

However, those claims were later debunked by a family statement which clarified his condition and asked for continued privacy.

Dr Nottage has faced two public health scares this year - appearing ill during a campaign rally last month and becoming disoriented when he addressed the House of Assembly in February.

He was defeated in the 2017 general election by 22-year-old Travis Robinson.


sheeprunner12 1 year, 5 months ago

Multiple Choice Question of The Day:

BJ Nottage has been diagnosed and is being treated with: (a) post-election depression (b) collective responsibility anxiety (c) millennial cut-ass embarrassment (d) all of the above


Cobalt 1 year, 5 months ago

Sounds as if he's had a cerebral vascular accident (CVA) or could be suffering from septicemia. Either way, it doesn't make sense to speculate. But its nice to know that Mr. Nottage is financial fit enough to afford a multi night stay at the most expensive hospital in the Bahamas while also being able to afford healthcare abroad. How comforting it must be to have outstanding insurance while the rest of us everyday Bahamians are subjected to the substandard services of PMH. How interesting is it that these worthless politicians subject us citizens to the very same conditions that they themselves wouldn't dare to endure.


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