Gospel artist warns young Bahamians to stay away from gangs


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Reggae gospel artist Gesner “Mr J” Dalmon is continuing with his mission to use his music for the greater good with the release of his new single, “No Gang Business”.

Since his arrival on the Bahamian music scene several years ago, Mr J has been determined not to be just another voice on the airwaves, but a singer who inspires people to stop and think, and maybe even make adjustments in their life where necessary.

His music not only promotes a message about the Kingdom of God, but also directs attention to social ills in the Bahamas. Over the years he has used his songs to communicate his stance on issues like Value Added Tax (VAT), Bahamian Parliamentarians receiving raises, the educational system, violence and more. 

Now, Mr J has turned his attention to a social ill plaguing many communities – gangs.

With his single “No Gang Business” , he addresses the menacing scourge of gang violence. He hopes that his lyrics inspire young people to make the right decisions when it comes to dangerous gang affiliations. 

“New Providence has seen a surge in violence resulting in horrific scenes of bloodshed, leaving the streets of the capital akin to the ground from which Abel’s blood cried out to the Lord,” he said.

“Schools around the island have become plagued with gang violence, leaving students and staff in great pusillanimity. Serious injury and death has left family members, friends and loved ones weeping without consolation.”

“No Gang Business”, he said, warns of the danger gangs pose for individuals and their families. “The song warns of the evil hold that gang affiliation grips members with, dragging them down a path that leads to hurting others, killing others and even the inevitable imprisonment or death of such members. Death may even come to members who attempt to distance themselves from such organisations. To escape, some may have to move out of their country of abode to a place free from gang association,” he said. 

Mr J said he always writes and sings with a purpose, whether that purpose is ministering the Gospel, sharing the love of Christ, or as in this instance, speaking out against social problems.

“I hope that this message reaches far and wide across the archipelago, bringing change among the youth in particular who have so much to look forward to in the future. As Dr Myles Munroe once said, ‘The greatest tragedy in life is not death but a life without purpose’,” he said. 

Mr J said he wishes to inspire the youth of the nation to live with purpose and to distance themselves from self-destructive behaviour. For a free copy of the song e-mail the artist at mrjreggae@gmail.com


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