Bradley Roberts calls for election 'peace and calm'

PLP Chairman Bradley Roberts.

PLP Chairman Bradley Roberts.


Tribune Staff Reporter


PROGRESSIVE Liberal Party (PLP) Chairman Bradley Roberts called for “peace and calm” during this election season, charging that the country’s “international reputation” for maintaining “political stability” could be at stake.

Mr Roberts, in a speech to party supporters, candidates and others at the Jubilee Cathedral in Grand Bahama on Friday night, cautioned all political parties to exercise “self-discipline, self-control and restraint” as the country heads into the next general election, adding that “we can disagree without being disagreeable or insulting.”

Mr Roberts was referring to a recent altercation between Free National Movement (FNM) supporters and PLP campaigners while both sides were canvassing the Carmichael Road area this week.

Several videos of the altercation were posted on social media and show supporters from both parties heckling each other; however, FNM Chairman Sidney Collie has insisted that it was the PLP’s supporters who first engaged his party members.

In one video, a team of FNM members, including party Leader Dr Hubert Minnis, are seen campaigning in the Golden Isles constituency when they were taunted by PLP supporters. Some in the group also verbally attacked Dr Minnis, telling him he could not control his own party so how could he run the country, while shouting obscenities.

In another video, a woman in a FNM shirt is seen shouting obscenities at a PLP supporter, telling the man that Dr Minnis is her “Prime Minister” and Prime Minister Perry Christie does nothing but “sell dreams”.

In yet another video, a group of FNMs are seen walking through the constituency when a truck carrying people clad in yellow shirts emblazoned with Mr Halkitis’ face drives past.

“Y’all ain’t get no money, go home,” one man who was campaigning for Mr Halkitis is heard screaming on the video, “we want money”.

In a statement posted on social media, Mr Halkitis explained that he was aware that Dr Minnis and his candidate were doing a walkabout in the area, and intentionally led his team of campaigners in another direction.

However, he said, Dr Minnis led his team to the PLP headquarters which led to persons in the FNM “verbally taunting” the PLP supporters. Mr Halkitis ultimately said the blame should be placed “squarely on the shoulders of (Dr Minnis) for provoking the altercation and then playing victim”.

“Regardless of who started the verbal sparring between the two camps, there is no room for this kind of behaviour and I wish to publicly caution all campaigns to exercise self-discipline, self-control and restraint during this campaign season,” Mr Roberts said in his statement on Friday.

“The Bahamas has an international reputation for political stability and I ask all involved to continue this legacy for the country’s sake. We can disagree without being disagreeable or insulting so I call for peace and calm during this election season.”

In a statement to the media following the incidentthis week, Mr Collie said the actions of PLP supporters exposed the government’s desperation, adding that Bahamians can see “their tactics and activity”.

Mr Collie said at the time that he hoped the PLP and “their supporters change their behaviour and begin to try to bring the country together instead of trying to divide it”.

“The PLP continues to have only a negative message for the people of The Bahamas. They do not have a record to run on so they have resorted to do nothing but act in a negative manor (sic). Bahamians across our country can see through their tactics and their negativity,” Mr Collie said.

“Every person has the right to be politically active. People have the right to support any candidate or party that they choose to and should not have to worry about supporters of other parties verbally assaulting them on the streets.

Mr Collie said: “I know that FNM supporters will continue to show respect to those who do not agree with us and I hope the PLP and their supporters change their behaviour and begin to try to bring the country together instead of trying to divide it.”


alfalfa 5 years, 6 months ago

The PLP rabble-rouser calls for a peaceful election. A hypocritical statement from a man who takes every opportunity to incite the people with his persistent referrals to racism, UBP, and oppression at the hands of the Bay Street boys (He still does not realize that the majority of white or conchy-joe people in the country were not born wealthy and were despised by the same Bay Street boys}. If he spoke consistently of peace in politics, he would have more credibility, rather than spew nonsense at election time. Who are the oppressors of the people now? Tell us Mr. Roberts.


sheeprunner12 5 years, 6 months ago

Bradley Roberts is a political THUG ............ How can he call for "peace and calm"????? ....... He just wants to make statement to counter what the FNM know to be true about the PLP thugs ........ BTW: the church was almost empty, so he could not be talking to a crowd to carry the word to the streets


licks2 5 years, 6 months ago

The bully usually wants "peace" after another "cooler" comes on the block who can kick his/her butt!! He is on the ropes. . .so to speak. . .Lol!! I remember that I was bullied by a boy named Frankie who beat-up. . .pushed down. . .took lunch. . .slapped in the head. . .you name it and he did it to any child he liked to do it to! Until one day he tripped me up and send me and school books sprawling in the mid of milling students. . .with blood in my eyes for that bully. . . I got up and left books, milling students and my sanity on the ground and ran for the body of Frankie. . .I would have pulled his body apart limb by limb with my bare hands! He saw that "murderous" look in my eyes and there was no stopping me from "running through him" he ran away crying for dear life. . .I did not catch him. . .but he stayed clear of me and got scared every time he saw me! Then I started to bully him. . .calling him names. . .until he could not take any more of my "payback". . .he went to my bigger brother and told him that I am always beating him up. . .make me behave myself and stop being a bully!


B_I_D___ 5 years, 6 months ago

They are nervous for sure...they already know they only won last term with a MINORITY of votes FOR them, the MAJORITY of people voted AGAINST them, they just happened to have the majority of SEATS amongst the 3 parties...they know they have alienated even some of their staunchest supporters and that their minority percentage will be much less this time around. They SHOULD be nervous!!


sheeprunner12 5 years, 6 months ago

Yep .......... the PLP cannot hide behind the DNA this time .......... Perry, it is time to go to the doctor for your surgery ......... count your days down


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