Murder Jury Discharged As Accused Uncomfortable With Defence Counsel


Tribune Staff Reporter


A JURY was discharged in a murder trial after the presiding judge in the case was told by the accused that he was not comfortable with his defence counsel communicating with the prosecutors in his case.

The 12-member panel had been sworn to hear evidence in the trial of Anton Wentworth Wright concerning the April 28, 2008, stabbing death of Theron Armbrister.

On Wednesday, Senior Justice Vera Watkins was told by Wright’s lawyer, Allen Emmanuel, of the disagreement in the latter’s ability to properly defend him against the allegation in light of Wright’s complaint.

The judge, out of precaution, discharged the jury and fixed a date for status hearing to April 11 when the court will be informed on Wright’s ability to obtain new counsel.

The judge told the 36 year old that on May 8, the trial will proceed with or without a lawyer.

Wright was remanded to the Department of Correctional Services in the interim.

Eucal Bonaby, Linda Evans and Joel Seymour represented the Crown.

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