Pastors Encouraged To Pursue Their Calling

UNDER the theme “Pastors Pursuing their Calling”, members of the Pastors of Prayer Bahamas International Organisation recently celebrated their 14th anniversary service at the Evangelistic Centre Assembly of God.

Organisers said pastors from various denominations gathered in fellowship and thanksgiving to God for another year of ministry to the Bahamas and the world at large. 

The night commenced with a time of intercessory prayer by various ministers for the sick and shut-in, the elderly, the youth, the government, the upcoming general elections, spiritual leadership, and the country.

Those in attendance heard from Bishop Ian Brathwaite, president of the Pastors of Prayer, who was inspired by I Samuel 30:1-12.

In his address, Bishop Brathwaite told the story of how David and his men returned to Ziklag to find the city torched and burnt to the ground. The perpetrators were the Amalekites, who took all of the women and children with them after the raid. David’s wives were also included in this tragic event. 

Bishop Brathwaite noted that life is filled with horrifying experiences. And these experiences can take a toll on one’s emotional, financial and physical well-being. In some aspects, attacks are without merit and unsolicited.

However, when they come, one must have the inner strength and fortitude to fight the enemy, which is anything or anyone opposing full recovery, he explained.

Bishop Brathwaite strongly advised those present that the Devil tries to steal those things that the Lord has blessed them with, and that it is incumbent upon them that they pursue their calling with vigour and tenacity.

He further challenged the pastors to allow the Holy Spirit to guide them. He submitted that the Holy Spirit is the divine enabler. “He enables the believer to do all things through Christ (Phil. 4:13),” he said.

Bishop Brathwaite emphasised the unity of David and his men, saying together they were able to defeat their foes. Comparing the story to the group of pastors in attendance, he said when they unite around a common cause to fight the enemy, victory is inevitable. 

“The chief end of the enemy is to bring about division. For example, the enemy sends jealousy, that is when one pastor compares his church with another.

“Alternatively, one pastor appears to be prospering more than the other is. If pastors would unite and tackle the enemy in the power of the Holy Spirit, their homes, churches, communities and the nation would experience a change,” he said.

Bishop Brathwaite also took the opportunity to praise the pastors for pursuing their calling in spite of life’s mange challenges. Additionally, he declared that just like David, if they remain steadfast and determined, they too will recover all.

At the conclusion of his sermin, Bishop Brathwaite invited all pastors to unite in a time of concerted prayer. He was also pleased to receive into the Fellowship Bishop Trevor Williamson of Trinity Global Cathedral and Bishop Burton Fox of Bethel Faith Ministries International. 


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