Bitterness of Fred Mitchell

EDITOR, The Tribune

FORMER PLP MP Fred Mitchell’s press statement over the weekend portrays him as bitter and angry that he has lost the trappings of Cabinet ministers.

All that expensive first-class travelling around the world that cost taxpayers millions of dollars have come to an end. He is going to miss being chauffeured in expensive government-owned cars.

His attempts to trivialise the FNM’s historic thumping of the PLP on May 10 was flimsy at best. Bahamians must bear in mind that Mitchell aspires to be PM one day.

Obviously as a seatless wonder, he must now get re-elected to the House in order for his ultimate goal to materialise. Now 64, Mitchell will be at the ripe age of 69 in 2022.

Mitchell is angry that Bahamian voters dared to throw a monkey wrench into his political plans. His ranting about monied individuals who allegedly funded the FNM rings hollow, seeing that the PLP was financially backed by a wealthy foreigner who had a few choice words for former PM Perry Christie.

He also fails to mention the monied ‘Numbers Boys’ for whom his administration committed political suicide when it blatantly ignored the 2013 gaming referendum results by legalising web shop gaming.

All of a sudden former Baha Mar developer Sarkis Izmirlian is the villain to Mitchell. Yet we have evidence that his former Cabinet colleague, Jerome Fitzgerald, begged the man for lucrative contracts. Obviously, Fitzgerald didn’t view him as being bad for The Bahamas, or should I say for his family?

Mitchell never dreamt that he would lose Fox Hill. Yet here we are, a week after the election, with Shonel Ferguson as the newly-minted Fox Hill MP. Mitchell’s assessment as to why his PLP was outright rejected by the Bahamian people fails to include the fact that his party was inundated with corruption.

It is quite possible that Mitchell’s career in politics is over, hence the anger and bitterness that permeates the press release. Rather than encourage his supporters to unite behind PM Dr Hubert Minnis and the FNM government to rescue the country, he wants instead to engage in political tribal warfare.

Mitchell must not be allowed to be a part of the PLP rebuilding process. His statement is representative of the arrogance displayed in the PLP. That administration took Bahamians for fools. Mitchell should take a nice long vacation, seeing that he loves travelling, gather his thoughts and accept the fact that he is now an ordinary citizen just like the overwhelming majority of Bahamians and that he now has to call Dr Minnis Prime Minister.

The Whistleblower is willing to bet he will devote more time writing on a weekly political site with the aim of hurting the FNM.



May 15, 2017.


watcher 5 years, 6 months ago

The coming days and weeks will be interesting to see just in what regard Freddie is held by the PLP. It would be no surprise if he is not shooed in to any bye elections, nor a surprise if he is overlooked for the Senate. Surely to goodness there are better and brighter alternatives, even within the depleted ranks of the party.

Those with cooler heads will have to take a long hard look at the reasons for the party's collapse in the election, and the finger of blame will be pointed squarely in the direction of the Old Guard - Freddie included. His political ramblings, both in public and under cover of pseudonyms, are worn out, tired and of no interest to the vast majority of Bahamians. He comes across as a disgruntled hack writer and self-publicist who still thinks that he has an audience.


sealice 5 years, 6 months ago

Bitter Angry Sexist Child Molester that will roll over in his grave every time he remembers this loss..... to of all the horrible things a woman, FNM at that!!


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