Ambassador Protocol

EDITOR, The Tribune

THERE are established protocols and traditions as to how a Government appoints an Ambassador or High Commissioner.

It is unusual that even the United States should breach such, but it seems as in most things in the President Trump era, things have changed.

Recall under Perry Christie, it took forever for his Government to decide who they wanted as Ambassadors in Washington and at the United Nations and also the High Commissioner in London, then a photo-opportunity and embarrassment as Mr Christie’s nominee for Washington had to withdraw. Then there was a switch; Eugene Newry who was to go to the UN, ended up with the plum job at Washington and Elliston Rahming at the UN.

Yesterday, we heard President Trump had nominated a “Papa” Doug Manchester (certainly interesting the good gentleman uses “Papa”) as a nominee to be Ambassador to The Bahamas. Check the US Foreign Relations Committee, the body that has to process nominees: there is no nomination.

To the ignorant, all Governments receiving a diplomat has the right to process the nominee and approve the nomination. Has the release of the nomination basically prejudiced the right of the Hubert Minnis’ Government to process, accept or deny? Good question.

We all heard PM Minnis mentioning announcing our diplomats. PM, hold back please until your nominees are accepted. We were embarrassed before. Let us do it right this time. Anyway, what is the rush? Hoping they are all under 75 years of age!



May 17, 2017.


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