Foolish To Pay To Promote Hotel

EDITOR, The Tribune.

I am a Free National Movement supporter and I must ask my Government what in the world they are thinking.

I read in your paper, November 2, 2017, edition in the Business section a story written by Natario McKenize. In the story “Baha Mar unveils its $25m marketing push” I was shocked to read that MY Government will be footing $14m of THEIR $25m promotion!

I would humbly suggest the headline for that story should have read, Bahamas Government foots bill to market a billion dollar hotel!

What kind of foolishness must we always endure with these people? The Government is broke, right? How can we be sending Bahamians home in the hundreds, saying we can’t afford to pay them, but we are GIVING millions of dollars to rich people to market THEIR hotel!?

If we could buy the Grand Bahama hotel, we should take this one too and just operate it ourselves. Keep the proceeds here instead of sending the money outside the country to China.



November 2, 2017.


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