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FOR the first time today I parked in the Pointe Multi Storey Car Park. As I got my ticket I was told to go to L5 - is that a space or a level I asked - Level. On the way up to level 5, I passed levels 2, 3, 4 which were virtually empty so why I had to go to level 5 was very obscure unless the other floors could only take a certain weight!

There was only one other car on level 5. The drive up to level 5 showed what I would consider to be a half finished utility building - everything was bare concrete, unfinished.

To get back to the ground floor required a lift which I just missed as the only other car owner on the floor had just taken it for the ground floor.

There is nothing to indicate on the outside of the lift door which floor it is on so one waited for it to return to floor 5. There are 9 floors I noticed and the lift was utility at its best, bare concrete floor with covers on the walls that are used to protect furniture when traveling in lifts. I suppose in case the motion caused one to hit the side.

There was no soothing voice to say the doors are closing now or you have reached the ground floor. The lift did return to the ground floor swiftly.

On returning to the car park, I had been advised the ticket machine only accepts US dollars and found I only had two and not the required three so as it said credit cards tried my B$ Visa which promptly got stuck in the ticket machine.

I tried cancel a couple of times and then called assistance and got an answer on the second time of trying.

By this time, the credit card has slowly extracted itself from the machine which now said it was out of order as was its twin standing beside it. Anyway I took the lift to floor 5 and drove back down the unfinished building to the barrier where my three dollars was accepted with one B$ amongst the three and the barrier was raised.

However surely a more finished building could have been constructed and not the cheapest in the world. Was it necessary to go to level 5 and why do the ticket machines not work? I do hope that Baha Mar was constructed to a better standard by CCA.



November 1, 2017.


DDK 1 year, 1 month ago

Smacks so sadly of Third World! Wonder if the lift is even safe?


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