Body Found In Culmersville Sub-Division

Police are investigating after a partly decomposed body was discovered in the Culmersville sub-division on Friday night.

According to reports, shortly after 8pm, police were called to the area of Shady Tree Street and Carlita Lane in Culmersville where the body of a male was discovered in an abandoned building. Foul play is not suspected at this time. An autopsy will be performed to determine the cause of death.

Police are appealing to the general public for any information that can assist in this investigation.


John 11 months, 1 week ago

Anyone reading this headline would automatically think there was another murder in the country. Fourtunately that was not the case and the lull in murders continue to hold. And like Marvin Dames is saying crime is not just the police matter but it should concern everyone in the country. Everyone must get involved, including persons who may support political parties opposite and stamp out this crime monster that has been consuming us for the past decade. Not only that but we must join forces to prevent foreigners and other special interest groups from exploiting us economically. Death is never a good experience and may the soul of the departed Rest In Peace.


Shandiola 11 months ago

Sad but true, Bahamas needs to get more ahead and updated on everything even their economic wisdom for the people. Crime is never going to stop unless the country stands together in Love and Unity like our National Anthem says. Listen to the poor people for a change, listen to those that wish they had an opportunity to prosper. My husband has been missing for 22 years. Where is he??


bahamama 11 months ago

I agree that every citizen should get involved with regards to stomping out crime. I see that written over and over again in the comments section of online newspapers and Facebook. My question is, what do we do? What are the actionable steps we can take to stop crime in the Bahamas?


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