Pm Should Not Be Deterred

EDITOR, The Tribune.

PRIME Minister Dr Hubert Minnis should ignore the naysayers. There are some people who keep asking what has the government done so far? To me, they must be blind not to see.

Dr Minnis promised a strong anti-corruption drive. That is happening. The police have investigated alleged crimes and I’ve seen quite a few people charged.

Dr Minnis wanted to tackle the problems at BEC. I see the old management company is gone, audits have been conducted and police have launched an investigation into allegations there.

The PLP was spending too much money. The government is cutting spending by 10 percent. It has also let go all those election contracts the PLP gave out.

The hotels were closed in Grand Bahama. The government is offering to buy the Grand Lucayan and open it.

A Bill was just passed in the House of Assembly for an independent Director of Public Prosecutions. Bahamians have for years wanted less political interference from the Office of the Attorney General.

The FNM government has announced it is going to fix the unfairness in the constitution when it comes to men and women passing on their citizenship to their children. That has been a problem since the constitution was established.

That is a lot to have done and be doing in six months. And that list doesn’t include everything. Bahamians need to be sensible and let the government work. This government is much better than the last.

I hope Dr Minnis keeps up the good work. Some Bahamians are just disagreeable. They will never acknowledge the good things. This Prime Minister is working for the people and will continue to do a good job for the people of the entire Bahamas.



November 10, 2017.


OMG 1 year ago

No MP raise in over 20 years in which time other public services have had countless pay rises notwithstanding a regular backbencher earns less that a experienced teacher.


Alex_Charles 1 year ago

It's still hypocritical to complain about it when the former administration tried... then go for it when you're in power.

I am not against the raise, I do however see this as a slimy move considering our fiscal situation is far worse than it was in 2014.


ThisIsOurs 1 year ago

Oh please what hogwash (sorry not aimed at you, just the statement). These guys are making nothing less than 100,000 each. And don't tell me they have multiple jobs, because you and I know they een doing nothing to earn the additional pay. Macaloine let the cat out the bag when he say he's chairman of the hotel corp but they don't involve him. What that tell you?

The only person I see who working multiple jobs is Dr Sands. Pay him 200,000.


ThisIsOurs 1 year ago

Anticorruption, more like "distraction" and "time wasting" and "accounting firm contract giving"

As to BEC, electricity just gone off again.


sheeprunner12 1 year ago

The salaries of the Bahamian public service does not reflect the cost of living of the country ...... MPs are not full-time, so that $28,000 is a supplement to their real job ...... If an MP is a lawyer, he can still practice law ....... If an MP is a businessman, he can continue to run his business ..... But if a person is a civil servant, he cannot remain in that position ......... Now Travis Robinson has a "problem" because he is a UB student ....... but he is an MP and a PS, so he should be able to survive off $88,000 per year as a UB student ........... This is freaking frustrating for a janitress who makes $1,000 per month.


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